Saturday, December 26, 2009

All About Me

Ah...time to talk about my very favorite subject...ME! But you know what? Now that I think about it, I might not be my actual "favorite" subject. I do really love doggie toys. And chicky stuff rocks, too. And getting into mischief. And napping. So maybe I have several favorite subjects...

Anyway, my happy story starts one month ago today. That was my Gotcha Day! November 26, 2009, is the day when Mom adopted me and I came to live with her in Illinois. I used to live in New Jersey, so Illinois is a lot different. I've adjusted fast, though. Things are good here. I'm getting thoroughly spoiled, and if you ask me, that is just how it should be.

I haven't had the best life before now, so the extra spoiling is super important. I don't really want to talk about the bad stuff, though. Things are happy now, so why go over all of that nasty, icky stuff? If you want to read about all the stuff I went through in my 9 short years, please check out my story on the Companion Critters website. Companion Critters is the rescue group that saved me...twice. Yeah, you read that right. TWICE. Pretty sad, huh? I ended up in a foster home twice and none of it was MY fault. I tried my best to be a perfect little doggie!

My foster home was pretty nice, though, so that was a good thing. My foster sister Shawnee has a bloggie and she talked about me a few times. That's how Mom learned all about me and decided that I had to come live with her here. Want to read some of Shawnee's posts about me?
You see...Mom really didn't have a chance when she started reading about me on Shawnee's bloggie. She says that I was just too cute and my story really touched her heart. I guess I just have that way with people!

My sister Lexi was pretty excited about me coming to live with her, too. She wrote all about me on her bloggie, too.

So there ya go. One month ago I came to live with my forever and ever family. I had lots of other families before this, but Mom keeps telling me that that AIN'T happening any more. This is where I'm staying forever. No other families for me from now on...just this one. NOBODY else can have me, Mom says. This is MY family and my forever and ever and ever one. That's such a good feeling, you know? I'm tired of living with so many different families. It's a relief to know that Mom's gonna be my only Mom for the rest of my life. Ahhh...

And I'm really getting spoiled rotten with the doggie toys here. You won't hear me complaining! Getting pretty good at training Mom, too. He he he...


  1. Happy one month Gotcha Day, Buttons! So glad to see you is blogging now. I knows you has so much to bloggie about, you is such a silly doggie!

  2. oh Buttons, such a wonderful tale! You're a very special pup, blessed w/ wonderful freinds! (@Tildatoo)


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