Friday, December 25, 2009

My Sister

I decided to start off my blog by telling you about my sister. Then I'll tell you about my favorite subject...ME!

My sissy's name was Lexi-Lou. Lexi was older than me, so she was the boss, even though she was only older by a couple of months. She nipped at me a couple of times when I tried to tell her that I wanted to be the boss instead. So I decided that maybe she should just be the boss in our house.

Lexi taught me lots of stuff. I learned all about how to "train" Mom to do the stuff that we want her to do. And how to get into mischief. Lexi showed me all the cool spots to sniff on our walks. I learned about the best tactics to use when begging for people food from Mom. And Lexi also explained to me the importance of a doggie cookie. That's all very important stuff, of course!

I sure learned a lot from my sissy. The sad thing is that I only knew Lexi for a week. Can you believe that? Mom adopted Lexi when Lexi was only 2 years old. The two of them were a family for 7.5 years. Then Mom and Lexi decided to adopt me from a rescue group just a month ago.

But only a week after Mom, Lexi, and I became a new family, my sissy got really sick, really fast. Mom rushed off to the vet with Lexi that evening, but Lexi didn't come back home with Mom that night. Mom told me that the vet tried and tried, but he couldn't make Lexi all better. My sister Lexi-Lou passed away that night. It was only a week after I met her and we made our new family.

Mom's been pretty darn sad for a while now. Her eyes are very leaky. But I've decided that it's my job to give her extra kisses and cuddles.
The piggy noises I make sure help Mom smile. And I try my best to get into mischief, too, that makes her laugh. She says I'm doing a very good job and that she's so glad that she and I are family now.

My sister Lexi had a blog, and she was on Twitter, too. Since she's gone over the Rainbow Bridge, it's my job now to take over those sorts of duties. Sissy's Twitter account was @lexiloudog and her blog was Mom still uses Lexi's Twitter account, but I don't think Lexi would mind that. MY Twitter account will be OFF LIMITS for Mom, though. It's "Buttons-only," and that's the rule! He he he...

So that's all about my sister Lexi-Lou. Mom and I are always going to remember her and miss her lots. Before I sign off of this post, I want to show you some more pictures of my sissy. These are some of Mom's favorites. And I'll add some pics, too, of the week that Lexi and I were sisters together.

My Sister Lexi-Lou

Me and My Sissy

Lexi-Lou, June 13, 2000 - December 4, 2009
Rest in peace, sissy. We love you!


  1. We has leaky eyeballs here again *sob*. Wot a nice triboot to your sis, Lexi-Lou. You two maded lots of good memories togedder in one short week.

  2. What a wonderful tribute to your sister.

  3. Beautiful! Thank U for sending me UR bloggie site Buttons, U a great pal! Such sweet words for a wonderful girl, Lexi! Smooooochiez!

  4. I can tells u did lub u noo sissy n will missin her beary beary much.

    We haz leaky eyes when we finks of herz too!



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