Friday, December 7, 2012

The Closed Door

You know what this is?

That, my friends, is a closed door.  Mom did that.  You may wonder why on earth she would close off part of our house.  Well, she claims it's because I did this...

And this... that room.

Now I ask you, is this fair?  Should I really be blocked from entering and "enjoying" part of my house???

We've established in the past that I should get rights to 50% of this house since it's only Mom and me here.  That means I get 50% of that closed off room, too.  And besides, Mom only uses it to store stuff in.  So it's perfectly fine in my opinion if I choose to use the room

I've given Mom my best looks of pure innocence, but she's not buying it.


As soon as I get a step stool and opposable thumbs, that room is all mine...


  1. I am pretty sure iffen it a storage room & u haz agreeements to share house 50% dat u gets to store ur poops n piddles in der iffen u wants to.

  2. Life is so unfair, Buttons. The peeps, they has a nice, warm room fur P&P but us, they make us go outside in the cold! I think you is right wanting your own indoor room fur P&P.

  3. Oh silly little buttons you really made a mess for your mama

  4. Is very difficult to know what to say my pal....i confined my p&p to the kitchen so there was no way I could be shut out of there....just saying....

  5. I cry fowl...or squirrel...or kitty. I think you was set up! FRAMED I tell ya! FRAMED!!!

  6. Does she even have PROOF that the poos and piddles were even yours?!? If she doesn't then this is unwarranted action and you could sue to get your 50% back!!!


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