Saturday, December 15, 2012

Naughty or Nice

So you know Mom and I have that ongoing argument about me going poo and pee in the spare bedroom.  Well, last Saturday Mom thought she'd straighten out my naughtiness by taking me to see the Big Man.  That's right...we went to Petsmart and saw Santa.

I hope I convinced him that I'm really not a naughty pup.  I'm nice, through and through...

I sure hope I didn't blow it, though, when I peed on the sidewalk right in the doorway to Petsmart.

Mom told me to "wait" 'cause we had to let some cars go by.  I may have taken advantage of the opportunity to leave a little "gift" for another pup to sniff.  Probably shouldn't have done that right after sitting on Santa's lap.

Mom still gave me a new Santa toy and some yummy cookies we got in the store.

But I hope I didn't blow it with the Big Man.

Maybe I shouldn't have piddled there...

Oh, dear.

Am I too naughty for Christmas presents now?!?!


  1. Uh-oh. Were you really really nice for your cute Santa picture? Friendly and cuddly and good? That would count lots, I think, with Santa. You didn't piddle ON Santa. That would have been doom.
    You might be safe after all. But you are certainly being watched carefully, so try very hard to be NICE.

  2. Cool! U sawd Santie Claus!! U gots UR pigs in da air rike U don't care, too - so cute!!!

  3. Oh Buttons - all Santa has to do is take one look at your sad face and he'll forgive you real quick for piddling outside the door. he he - he's probably thankful you didn't piddle on his lap! Yikes!

  4. Little Buttons you look soooo cute in your outfit... And don't worry everyone leaves pee mail around petsmart You probably were just smelling where the other Doggies did it And left your scent on top of it So I don't think That you did anything wrong and you Are really cute anyway I bet Santa LoveD seeing you

  5. I wouldn't worry. Hopefully there were no tattletalers.
    Benny & Lily

  6. Omg Buttons is adorable. Rocky did it before....every dog does =).


  7. If the big man crosses you off his list then let me kno Buttons. I haz a bundle of presents I can bring fur you....woof


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