Friday, December 28, 2012

Kibble War

I put myself to bed early tonight. Really early.

It wasn't 'cause I was tired, either.  It's because of THIS:

That, my friends, is a bowl of plain old kibble.  I'm refusing to eat it.  For years I've trained Mom to doctor up my kibble with canned dog food, beef broth, hamburger, rice, etc.  For some unknown reason, however, Mom has been cutting back on the good stuff.  For the last two days, she has only given me nothing but PLAIN OLD KIBBLE.

This is unacceptable.

So, tonight I refused to eat my supper and I put myself to bed early.  There's a method to my madness, though.

You see, when I go to bed, I always get a "night night cookie."  That's right...a treat for going to bed.  So since I was refusing to eat my kibble, I decided to just go to bed for my night night cookie instead.  I was hungry, after all.

Brilliant plan, if I do say so myself!

I barked at Mom from the bedroom until she brought me my cookie.  (That way she knew I was serious.)  Then I scarfed it down!

It was yummy!

This was really a brilliant move on my part.  Totally got Mom to give me a cookie and avoided the plain old kibble.

And of course I gave Mom my "GIVE ME MORE COOKIES" look to try to get another one out of her.

Sadly, that didn't work as well.

And now I need to point out something a bit unusual in the very first picture I posted tonight.  Here it is again:

See that pink spot in my chin furs?  Here's a zoomed-in version:

That's a scrap of one of the magazines I've been shredding under Mom's bed.  She caught me red-handed tonight.  Oopsie...

At least Santa already came...and I already got a cookie tonight...


  1. You are the smartest little girl Buttons now you need to train her to give you 2 cookies when you go to bed LOL

  2. sounds like this one over here. My Lily won't eat that plain ole kibble without cottage cheese
    Benny & Lily

  3. Oh Buttons - you can't have kibble!!!! Yikes. Actually things aren't that much better here. I don't much like my kibble and M says I'm driving her crazy trying to find a good one that I'll eat and yet one that is healthy. Mario smooches!

  4. Mommy said the family woofie when she was growing up (a long time ago in a far off place) always got a cookie or a Milk Bone and a bedtime talk every night from Mommy's daddy. She's glad other woofies get "night night cookies".
    My kibble is always dry. But I get some canned food every day. Just not together.

  5. Oh dear Butttons...I fink your plan goona ave a limited shelf life....the kibble wont be so bad my full of good fings

  6. Pain Kibble? What an outrage. I do love the M&Ms blankie and am glad you got your cookie. TW woulda said no cookie unless you eat your kibble.

  7. Um, true. you got your cookie but you missed your dinner. We think you need to train your mom better but we know from working with Jan that humans are hard to train.


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