Friday, November 30, 2012

Public Service Announcement: Proper Grooming

My friends, I'm blogging today to stress the importance of proper Shih Tzu grooming.  You can't just take us to the groomer every 8 weeks and torture us with baths occasionally at home.  You've gotta brush our furs, too.
  • Even when we don't like it and have a fit about it.
  • Even when moms are crazy busy at work, working long hours.
  • Even when moms are on multiple business trips in a single month.
  • Yes, even during holiday trips to grandma's house.
Let my recent torture be an example to you of why brushing is important.  You see, when you don't get your tail brushed -- and when it's constantly wagging -- mats form.  And mats in your tail are nasty and they can get ouchy.  And you know how to fix a badly matted tail???  You can't.  Instead, THIS happens:

That's right.  I have a shaved, nearly-naked tail now.  No big floofy tail anymore.

It's so embarrassing.

I have definitely voiced my displeasure at Mom over this atrocity.  It's just ridiculous.

Let me show you just how bad this is for my floofy furs.  Here's what I looked like the morning of my groomer appointment:

And here's a picture from the morning after.  Naked tail.  No floof to wag.

I suppose I shouldn't give Mom all of the blame since I don't like to be brushed anyway.  She feels terrible, too, of course.  She says every time my little naked tail wags it says to her, "You're a bad mommy. You're a bad mommy."

But it IS nice to have those nasty mats gone.  And it's easier to wag now that my tail is more aerodynamic. And let's face it...this certainly hasn't impaired my ability to roll on toys...

(Or to roll "near" toys, I guess...)

(My aim was a little off...but I was sure enjoying the moment!)

And a shaved tail doesn't impact my ability to nap, either.  Napping is important, you know.

So take a lesson from Mom and I.  Brush your tail.  Brush it regularly.  Please.

This concludes my Public Service Announcement.

P.S. Do you think they make hair extensions for doggie furs???


  1. Norty mum! Pawhaps she can donate some of her head-fur for you my pal...

    1. O a tail wig fur Buttons would be pawsum I finks!

  2. Grrrreat PSA.
    Your face is killing my human.

  3. I dunno why mom be laffing ofur this. There be nuttin funny about a nekkid tail, speshully in the winter time, brrrrr. I had a nekkid butt in the winter once so I know what I is woofing about. I hope your mom at least has a coat with a tail extenshun fur you to cofur up your nekkidness when you has to go outside. I agree, totally embarrassing, my furrend.

    1. Shawnee u had nekkid butts? I not knows u a show off like dat.

  4. Umm...I do not find this near as funny as my mom...I mean, does this mean you need a sweatery-tail warmer?!?!?!

  5. I don't have a lot of furs, but the momma brushes them anyway! And my teeth, she brushes my teeth... just not with the same brush for my furs. And, for what it's worth, you look adorable with your new hair style!

  6. *covers eyes wif paws*

    OMC a nekkid tail!

  7. And I am still Laughing !!!! Thank you my funny little friend !!! Soozi13

  8. Gasp! A nekked doggie. Maybe you should pay a cat to teach you how to groom yourself. Then no problem! he he You are still cute Buttons - fur or no fur.

  9. Oh thats just not nice at all!

    Stop on by for a visit

  10. Oh my, I just love those pictures! Proper grooming is always good to remember :)

    -Brandon's Raiser
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