Sunday, September 18, 2011

My Birthday...Postponed

Today was my birthday! Can you believe that I'm 11 years old now? I don't feel a day over 6. And if you ask Mom, she'll probably tell you that I don't act a day over 3! He he he.

Anyway, I started out my birthday celebrations by taking an early-morning nap. Mom woke me up way, way too early.

Late this morning, Mom started the true celebrations when she gave me a new TOY. It's a barktini. Cool, huh? I was mesmerized.

Hey, it was 5:00 somewhere...

I got tired of the paparazzi (a.k.a. Mom), so I took my barktini into my princess tent. And it's fitting that I hide out in there today anyway since it was my birthday present from Mom last year. It's the princess tent's 1-year anniversary!

I glared at the paparazzi from inside my tent.

And do you think Mom would leave me alone in there? Noooo. She invaded the privacy of the princess tent!

Eventually, I just gave up and brought the barktini back out where there was more room to roll.

And roll I did. I even rolled and chewed at the same time!

Played a bit too much, though, and I'm still not feeling the best. So, I flopped half-in-half-out of my princess tent for a nap.

And then that's about when things started to go wrong. Yep. Too much excitement and too sicky of a tummy. Mom and I had to make an emergency trip outside. When we came back inside, I just felt horrible, and I looked as pathetic as I felt.

(It was raining out, too, just to add insult to injury!)

Mom decided to postpone the rest of our birthday celebrations since I wasn't doing so well. Tonight she boiled some hamburger and made white rice for me. That's what my vet says to feed me when I have bad tummy troubles.

I wouldn't eat anything today...but I chowed down on that hamburger and rice. Yummy stuff!

The food in my tummy helped it feel a little better, so I played for just a bit. (Yes, I'm chewing and rolling at the same time again.)

But it didn't last too long. I went back to the place I started my day.

And then I just flopped in the middle of the room, too.

Mom says she still has lots of birthday surprises planned for me. She even ordered me my very own birthday cake! But, all that has to wait until I'm feeling o.k. again. I say "GIVE ME CAKE!" but Mom says it would make me feel worse now. So, I have to wait. Pffffft.

Here's a sneak peek for you!


  1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY BUTTONS!! Now you gotta be careful with those bark-tinis, they can upset your tum if you have too much!!

  2. Happy Birthday sweet Buttons. Love your new barktini. I think you've been hanging out at the nipclub. Sorry you had a touchy tummy ruin your birthday.

  3. Woof! Woof! Happy 11th Barkday! Hope you feel better to continue to celebrate. Lots of Golden Woofs, Sugar

  4. Ello Buttons and Appy Burfdee for you. I ope you be feelin better now. I fink the idea of rice an amburger is great. I shall order some when I feel ill too...

  5. Happy Birfday Buttons! I hope dat yoo iz feelin good beary soon so yoo can haz yoor cayke. Its a beary cute cayke. Yoor barktini is adorabul!

  6. Happy Birfday Buttons! Now you has comed up with a new slogan: Don't drink and roll. Hope your tummy be feeling better soon so you can get your real pawty on!

  7. Happy b'day!! It sucks being sick BUT it does allow your birfday celebrshions to be stretched out and milked for all it's worth!!

  8. Happy birthday, Buttons! I hope you feel better very soon and get that cake! I love your barktini!

  9. Happee Birthday sweetie pie!! What great gifts
    Benny & Lily

  10. I am so sawry u did not feel good on ur birfaday. U gets betterer real soon!

  11. OMC! You didn't tells me about your post here, so sorry I missed it and your birthday my furriend. I heards you were not feeling well, so sorry. You really did luvs your Barktini though!! MOL


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