Wednesday, February 16, 2011

My Super Big Prize

A while back I won the grand prize in a contest on the Two Little Cavaliers blog. This was a huge prize, too. I got lots and lots of cool stuff. I'll tell you all about my prizes in another post, though, because today I've got to tell you about just one part of it...

Part of my big grand prize was a special package from Lainey's Pawtique and Bakery. They make lots of yummy cookies and other cool stuff for doggies.

On Monday, a giant box arrived in the mail. Just look at the size of the box! And it had paw prints stamped on the outside, too, so I knew that it was all mine.

In the box was my prize from Lainey's Pawtique! Lainey knows how much of a toy fanatic I am. And I think she also knows that I've had tummy problems lately. So, just take a look at what she sent me...

It's a stuffed doggie that's bigger than me! Yes, I went a little nuts.

Mom didn't get video of me dragging the dog around, but she did get proof of my plucking...

I've had a ton of fun with this guy. I like to pluck his ears and his tail a lot.

Mom and I even played fetch and tug with my new toy. It wasn't very easy for me to fetch, though, so Mom sort of threw it and then we both fetched. Here's me tugging on it.

Lainey also sent me some other goodies in the box. Mom played with those when I was attacking the stuffie. I got some yummy cookies, and valentines, and a smell-good ornament with my name painted on it!

Mom tried to get me to pose with all my prizes, but I was a little disgruntled because I just wanted to play. (And I look even more grouchy 'cause I need a hair cut...)

Here are some of the yummy cookies that I got.

Mom wouldn't let me eat many 'cause of my tummy issues, but she did let me have two cookies. They were so yummy that I followed Mom around until she hid the bag of cookies from me. Anyway, here's me eating a bone-shaped cookie (half is already in my mouth).

You know what Mom did? She actually ate two of MY cookies. Can you believe that?! I thought those were doggie treats for ME but Mom ate some of 'em. The nerve of her. She said they were yummy for her, too, so I'm going to have to watch to be sure she doesn't eat more.

Anyway, I went so crazy playing with that huge dog and then eating the cookies and playing some more, that I had to put myself in time out. I went into my princess tent for a while to chill out. (Mom spied on me through the tunnel, as usual.)

And then I ended up doing this for the rest of the evening:

It really wears you out, you know, playing with a doggie that's larger than you are!

Thanks so much to the Two Little Cavaliers for having the contest and for Lainey's Pawtique and Bakery for this super cool, perfect-for-Buttons prize!


  1. OMD!!!! You had a GREAT time with your new Doggie....You are just tooo Cute Buttons :O) Careful with Mommy & your cookies too! B.O.L.!! those Humans steal ALL THE GOOD STUFF!! Did you name your doggie yet?

  2. WOW Buttons
    That was one big and fun toy, I can tell!! Yep, you better snatch those cookies so your Mom doesnt eat them all BOL


  3. Buttons...thats a fantastic know somebody should design a BUTTONS soft would be adorable...Pasikisses xxxx

  4. Wow - that is one gigantic stuffie you won there Buttons. Let's see, I give it less den a week and you'll have the fur plucked off! he he

  5. That dog is awesome! But watch out...don't say the words "hair cut" near mom...remember what happened last time!!

  6. What awesome prizes!!!! That is a large dog... it's like snugging with me! hehe

  7. OMD, how fun!
    We've gotten some things from that bakery before... Rudy really enjoyed them!

    Rudy's Raiser

  8. You knows, Buttons, seeing you plucking a carrot or a beeber, well, that's one thing. But seeing you plucking a DOG... Ewwwww.

  9. OMC dat wuz sum pwize and u tellin me dat iz only part of da pwize? WOW u one lucky doggy.


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