Sunday, February 27, 2011

Not My Fault...

Mom was scratching my head and my ears and she leaned down close to me. So, I gave her a kiss on her nose. I can be stingy with my kisses, so Mom was all excited. And she deserved a little kiss for spoiling me so much, right?

But then I sneezed right in her face.


It was clearly not my fault, though. I'm an innocent little doggie.

I blame my nose. It's obviously my nose's fault. Doesn't it even look guilty?!

(And yes, that's another new toy from my neighbor in the first picture. Woo hoo!)


  1. I likes ur noo teddy bear u did get frum u neighbor! I finks dat neighbor spoils u more den human2 doz MOL.

    I kin definitely seed dat it iz ur noses fault. And I bets it be allergiks to ur mom's kisses.

  2. Awe you are so darn cute what an adoreable buuton nose you have.

  3. *sigh* Buttons, the Rumblemum says she'd forgive you anything!!

  4. Of course it's not your fault. We can't control our noses, can we?

  5. My nose does that sometimes too. Don't worry, everybody knows it is Not On Purpose. :)

  6. your wee nose must have needed more snorts!!! no wonder you sneezed,teehee,Pasikisses xxx

  7. thats a kyute lil noze, hoo cares abowt a sneeze ennyway?

  8. Hey, I've been there!! But I flung a booger on mom...I should have used the nose is guilty technique too!! I believe you!

  9. I sneeze on my mom all the time! BOL!


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