Saturday, February 19, 2011

Ack! Groomer!

I thought I was safe. I thought I had won the War of the Groomer. I was super-duper shaggy and Mom hadn't made me go to the groomer in a long, long time. Imagine my horror, then, when she took me there this week. ACK!

I went from LOTS of shaggy fur to almost no fur. I feel practically naked now!

WHY did they cut off all of my shaggy furs?! Sure, I'm super cute now, but is that really necessary?

Even my belly is naked!

The worst part of the groomer trip, however, was what the silly groomer did to my poor, poor tail. My tail was really fluffy. I AM a Shih Tzu, you know. We have fluffy tails! And Mom and I loved my shaggy tail! But look at what it looks like now...

Yep...the groomer SHAVED part of my tail!!! She told Mom that I had some mats in it. I think she just got confused and thought I was a poodle or a lion. After all, that's the tail that I have now...a lion's tail or a poodle's tail.

Need proof? Just look at this comparison...

See? My tail isn't a Shih Tzu tail anymore! I'm a lion now! Or a poodle. (Lions are more ferocious, though, so I'm sure my squeakies think I'm a lion...)

I hope my tail grows back fast. Stupid groomer.


  1. look like a Temple Lion Dog...they are mystical and amazing!!!!

  2. Aww, we think you look wonderful!
    What a cute little tail :)

  3. You look 10 pounds lighter. So cute!
    Benny & Lily

  4. If'n you had not put werds by the pikshures I would not has been able to tell which one woz the Buttons tail coz they all look like lion and poodle tails. And your weed whacked bangs be all gone!

  5. BOL BOL super cute!!!

  6. You look good, Buttons. It's just a little getting use to the lighter feel. But that are right, you are not a lion or a poodle. What's with having that tail-do? It'll soon grow back though. Have fun while you're having it...hahaha....

  7. MOL hehehe I just luvs da comparison of your tail! You looks good though my furriend, and it looked like you were quite happy to has a good grooming done.


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