Wednesday, January 26, 2011

My New Sofa

At one of the Twitter parties, I won a gift certificate to Nip and Bones from MizzBassie. Cool, huh? So, Mom and I decided that I could use some furnishings for my princess tent. We ordered a doggie bed that looks just like a little sofa.

I must admit, though, that I got a little confused when it arrived. You see, I'm used to always getting TOYS in the boxes that come to our house. Not doggie beds. So, naturally, when the huge box arrived, I assumed it was filled with toys.

And it was a BIG box, too. I went a little crazy.

As soon as Mom got the sofa out of the box, I immediately "checked in the edges for change someone might have dropped." (He he he.)

OK, so maybe I wasn't checking for change. What I was actually doing was pulling the cushion out of the couch because I thought for sure that it was a toy. It looked like some of my toys...and toys come in it HAD to be a toy!

Yes, I attacked the new sofa.

I refused to leave the cushion in the sofa, too. I kept pulling it out and trying to squeaky it. Mom even caught me on video trying to squeaky and pluck the sofa cushion. (There was actually a squeaky UNDER the cushion that kept squeaking, too, so that just egged me on!)

I even rolled on the sofa and cushion just like I roll on my toys.

Eventually, I went and got another squeaky and played with it inside my new sofa. (Just like I play with toys in my round bed!) The sofa makes a nice echo chamber for squeakies. I had fun doing that until Mom realized that I was plucking the sofa instead of the toy. Oops.

I refused to leave the cushion in the sofa for most of that first day we had it. When it was on top of the sofa, I buried toys under the cushion, too. And then I even buried myself!

Since then, Mom has managed to convince me that the sofa cushion is actually a cushion and not a squeaky toy. So, I leave it in the sofa most of the time. But I still like to stick toys under it sometimes.

And I love to play in it, too, of course.

But most of the time now, my new sofa is used for napping.

It's a comfy couch!


  1. Buttons, you make the Rumblemum want a doggie. Except the doggie she wants is YOU.

  2. OMC! MOL hehehe momma just luvs seeing videos of your Buttons. You is too cute for sure. Its quite understandable dat you thought it was a toy, how often do you gets a box wif a bed in it?! We is so glad you luvs it!

    Momma wonders how your momma refrains from laughing, like dat one when you fought her for da cushion. MOL *nosetaps*

  3. Always a joy.I suppose it could have been taken for a giant donut!! squeaky,teehee.Pasikisses xxx

  4. Buttons that iz such a cozy bed an espeshly pritty wiv your furz! Iz so happy you winned that from MizzBassie. *purrrr*

  5. M says she's with Rumblemum - she'd like a doggie just like you. U are one very unique, darling little puppy.

  6. Whoa, did you has a death grip on that cushion, BOL! You swipied it rite out of you mom's hands and made me BOL rilly lowd.

  7. Oh Buttons, I always enjoy your videos! What a cool new sofa!

  8. Does Button chew at all? My Charley has eaten 3 or 4 toys this week and I wondered if you knew of some good indestructible toys.

  9. Tee Hee!! Wonderful videos....

    Baby Patches sent me and said you were cute and I'm so glad I came. You had such fun with your new doggie bed that it has really brightened my day.

    Love Winnie

  10. How funny! I almost feel sorry for those animals using their sofa beds in the normal, boring way. You're getting so much more use out of yours!

  11. No wonder you make your mommy laugh Buttons, you are FUNNY! I'm glad you are getting good use out of your sofa bed. Purrrrrrrrrrrrrrs.

  12. Oh Buttons
    Your couch is sooo cute!!! That cracked me up to see you buried under the pillow!! BOL
    have fun with the new couch!!



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