Sunday, January 23, 2011

Mom's in Trouble

Mom had the audacity to leave me all morning and part of the afternoon, too. And then you know what? She left again this evening! That's just rude. And it's uncalled for...especially on the weekend!

So, I showed her. When she got home and wanted to play with me tonight, I wouldn't have anything to do with her. Instead, I took my squeaky ball and went into my princess tent.

She rudely tried to take pictures of me while I was in the tent. I refused to look at her.

I waited her out. She finally gave up trying to take pictures of me and trying to get me out of the tent. I had to take a quick peek.

I think she's learning her lesson.


  1. That's showing her, Buttons! Just a thought - you mite not want to let her catch you peeking coz it mite blow your whole tuff love image.

  2. I bet that every time your mom leaves you she cannot wait to get home to see you !

  3. Good werk Buttons, it iz nawt rite for your mom to leaves you alone evar! Okai maybe if her haz to go get maor green papers for skweeky toyz? *purrrr*

  4. I love your princess tent Buttons!

  5. well...if that doesnt teach her, then I dont know what will!! Good job Buttons!! Gotta keep on our peeps at all times!!


  6. Oh, that's some serious stinkeye coming from under that tent! Mom better have learned her lesson...I fear the WRATH OF THE BUTTONS!!

  7. Those moms... they can be so mean and thoughtless sometimes!

  8. BOL so cute you peeking out of the tent! I hope your momma learned a lesson for sure!


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