Saturday, January 22, 2011

My Big Personality

I make Mom laugh. I make Mom laugh a lot. Why does she laugh at me so much? I don't know. I'm just being me. Mom says I'm silly and I have a whole lot of personality...whatever that means.

So, you tell me if this sort of stuff is funny dog behavior. It seems completely normal to me.

1. I think it's perfectly fine to play with my orange soccer ball while upside down on my back with my head under my dog bed.

2. What about flipping dog beds upside down and then digging in the bottom of them like there's dirt there?

3. Or maybe rolling on a toy and then digging in the big chair (and seeing if I could get into any mischief from there)? I did that until I realized that Mom was watching me...oops.

So, you be the judge. Am I funny? Do I have a "whole lot of personality?" Or am I just being a normal doggie? Or maybe "all of the above"...


  1. all of that and more !!!!! You are so darn cute!!!!!!! @soozi13

  2. You are my Smilemaker !!!! Pasikisses

  3. ha ha - thanks for making our day Buttons. Your mom is right - you are a silly puppy, but we loves you dat way.

  4. Hey Buttons,
    I have been missing you around and seeing you at my blog!! how ya doing?? We are suppose to make our peeps laugh, thats our job!! And you look normal to me!!


  5. After dinner I go and rub my head on my bed/beanbag chair/momma recliner what ever is available. Its just fun! We vote unique doggie with a whole lotta personality!

    Wags and Licks,
    Mollie Jo & Bobo

  6. Buttons! That is not how I teached you to dig to China. It duss not werk in your dog bed or on a chair. Remememeber unner my deck, the big holes, that be how you get to China silly!

  7. TW thought the last 2 videos were a riot. She laughs at me because I strap against the sides of the bathtub (empty of course) like a hamster on a wheel.

  8. You is so cute Buttons!! MOL your momma is right you is a silly pup. But I sure everyone luvs you dat way, wouldn't have it any different!

    My momma laughs at me too when she playin wif me, so I guess I must be silly too but she always says it because I so cute. Silly hoomans.


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