Monday, January 31, 2011

I Was Weed-Whackered!

Last night I was ambushed with a bath. Tonight Mom decided that my bangs were too long. WHEN will this torture end?!

She put me in the bathroom sink because that's where she thinks she can "contain" me.

But I kept planning my escape the whole time, so I think she finally learned that the sink ain't the spot she thinks it is.

OK. So maybe my bangs were a little long. It was getting a bit hard to see.

But between Mom's lack of experience and me fidgeting up a storm, the results were NOT good. My bangs look like they've been attacked by a weed whacker!

Just as soon as I got out of that sink, THIS is all Mom saw of me...

Here's a close-up of the damages. Some pieces are still too long, and there's a super short spot right in the middle.

It isn't pretty. But I guess at least I can sort of see now. Mom says it's a good thing that I don't have a mirror in my princess tent, 'cause maybe I'll just forget that my bangs were whacked.

Forget this experience? Never. Instead, I'm adding another layer of fun to my plans for revenge. I'm thinking of super loud squeakies now -- AND my animal sounds Babble Ball -- at 3:30 a.m. under Mom's bed...

That'll teach her.


  1. OH Buttons, that would be funny, making noise at 3 AM!! Or just happen to NEED to go outside!! ummmm,,Sorry bout those bangs there!!


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  3. but your still cute as a button *S*

  4. Buttons you shud go to #dacoiffeeshop an gets yerself a pawfeshunal spa day!

  5. Don't worry Buttons, if'n your groomer be anything like the groomer mom uses, she will gib your mom a stern talking to when she sees that weed whack job. I know when mom weed whacks a dog and the groomer has to fix wot mom whacked, OMD, mom gets yelled at rilly lowd.

  6. Mom did that to Auntie Di years ago -

    To say she's not good with scissors in an understatement!

    SO, did woo get her yet?


  7. Maybe you can create a new hair style? I mean, if that Beiber kid's hair is cool, your is MUCH cooler! Buttons > Beiber!!

  8. I think Wickie-sama can relate...earlier this year Girl got it in her head to give Wickie a "haircut." ("Butcher-job" might be a more accurate term.) However, Wickie seemed pleased with the results because she could actually see again. And Girl tells her she's a Pretty Pretty Princess and that seems to be enough. :/


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