Saturday, January 22, 2011

Squeaky Animals

Sorry I haven't been able to post lately. Mom was busy (a.k.a., Mom's a slacker). And then we went on vacations, and then Mom was a slacker (I mean "busy") some more. Anyway, more on that later.

Today's topic is my new alligator. My cool neighbor gave it to me when Mom and I went over to visit her. So, here's me rolling on my alligator...

Oh -- another time we went to visit, our neighbor gave me a cool squeaky fishy, too!

And here's the birdie that the neighbor gave me. It makes chirping sounds instead of squeaks. Mom LOVES that 'cause she says it's nice to hear chirps for a change. I guess she gets tired of squeaks...although I don't know how that's possible...

Oh, yeah. You read this right. That's THREE toys from our cool neighbor. Know what, though? That's nothing... She actually gives me a new toy every single time I go to visit! Can you believe that?! There's another dog who lives near here, too, who loves toys a lot. His name is Freddy. So, our super cool neighbor actually gets toys for both Freddy and me!

I really love my neighbor. And I know you're all jealous now, too. He he he!


  1. What a great neighbor you have! My neighbor gave me a tic tac one time but I did not have it (it smelled wierd).


  2. Your neighbour lady is very special,never known a doggie who get so MUCH fun from toys!!!If I am blue I tune to the Buttons channel and smile,smile,smile...Pasikisses

  3. Duss you efur worry that they mite run out of skeekies and stuffies in Illonoise?


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