Monday, May 17, 2010

My Mission: Get That Stuff

I'm a very determined doggie. Mom says I'm stubborn. I say I just know what I want and when I want it!

A month or so ago Mom had these plastic sacks of stuff and she wouldn't let me see what was in them. I need to thoroughly investigate all bags because you never know when there might be a squeaky toy in there! Mom rudely told me to stay out of these sacks, though.

She put the sacks by her bed and then she put some stuff in front of them. I, of course, climbed the stuff to try to get to the sacks. Mom built a larger blockade in front of the sacks. I couldn't climb the larger blockade, and Mom thought she won...

Until this weekend. That's when Mom saw this on our bedroom floor:

Sorry...I sorta blocked that shot. This one is better:

That piece of paper is a receipt that Mom remembered she had in those sacks. I was busted.

It was a wonderful plan, and it totally worked until I messed up and accidentally dragged that receipt out. Darn it!

You see, I couldn't get to the sacks that Mom put by the bed because of the stuff that Mom put in FRONT of them. What Mom didn't plan on me doing, though, was going UNDER the bed to get around her blockade!

That's right. Without her knowing it, I actually pulled some of her sacks under the bed and then emptied them and spread the stuff out. I even moved around the boxes Mom had under the bed so that I had more room to get to the sacks of stuff.

I made quite a nice mess, didn't I? I was proud. Mom was not so proud.

While Mom was taking pictures of the mess I made under the bed, I decided to knock over the trash can.

And then I just gave her my most innocent look.

"Who, me?"


  1. I must say, Buttons, that is kwite the hidey spot wif lots of entertainments for you. I does like it!

  2. Efurry day you makes me laff Buttons, I iz so prowd of your skillz at gettin toyz. You go gurl!

  3. You have us laughing so hard the puter is shaking. You are one highly determined, smart, adorable sweetie. Guess the next step is for your mom to lock stuff up in a cabinet with one of those paddlock thingies.

  4. Looks like your Mom likes M&Ms as much as my peeps. You are proving once again that humans are not as smart as we are.

  5. You crack us up, Buttons. Wow, you are one determined doggie! Smart too!

  6. Oh Buttons,
    You are my kinda girl!!BOL I probably would have done the same thing for snacks. I think we have all had those kind of days!! That was a funny story and cute pics. Loved the who me face?? You got it girl!!


  7. Oh Buttons! that sounds like so much fun! can't imagine why Mummy would want to get offended. Besides, that face is too cute

    wags, bud n Gin


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