Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Liver News and Allergy Pills

It appears that I have neglected to update my blog in quite some time.  I blame Mom, of course.  After all, if anything goes wrong around here, it's always her fault.

So, I was supposed to have surgery last month to take the lump off of my hiney.  Well, the lump's still there.  The vet postponed my surgery until my liver enzyme levels are better. One of my enzyme levels is way, way, way high.

The vet did lots and lots and lots of tests on lots of different days, and they couldn't figure out what's wrong.

So the vet gave us three options.  We could do a liver biopsy to see if that gave us an answer. Or we could go to a vet at the vet hospital to have more tests. Or we could stop trying to diagnose the issue and just treat the problem with a medicine to see if it helps.

Mom told the vet that she didn't want me to have to go through any more icky tests like that. (I whole-heartedly agreed!)  So, I started on a new medicine.  I'm supposed to take the new pill every day for a month, and then the vet will check my enzyme level again.  That will tell us if the medicine helps.

While I was having all of those tests, Mom stopped giving me my secondary allergy pills.  I get one main allergy medicine every day, and then the secondary ones when my itchies are bad.  I haven't been as itchy, so Mom stopped that second med to see what would happen.

BUT she was not expecting what happened...

The reappearance of CRAZY BUTTONS!

Mom thought I'd calmed down over the last year because I was getting older. What she discovered, however, was that it was mainly the allergy pills!

I've been dumping over the trash again regularly.  And I'm rolling on toys and playing a lot more now, too. And of course I'm into stuff again.  'Cause that's how I roll.

Mom says the secondary allergy pills are being put away for as long as possible.  She's tired of picking up the garbage after me, but she loves my crazy side way too much to let the garbage bother her...

Of course she loves my cute, sleepy side, too.  But in all honesty, who could resist THAT?!


  1. Yea! Please continue to get better and create as much chaos as possible!

  2. We have all our feets crossed
    Benny & Lily

  3. Hurray for crazy Buttons! Is good to see you again my chum....

  4. Too bad your medication was masking your crazy side. Life must be a lot more fun now. For you, anyway. You don't have to pick up the trash. Hope what you're taking now helps you.

  5. Awww sweetie, we're so sorry to read of all your problems. Dang - those darn meds. I'm purring for you sweetie - for you to not have anymore problems. Mario smooches for you and mom.

  6. I sure hope u r better soon, Buttons! Mom and I were wondering what happened after da last surgery update.

  7. O Buttons I do hope u can stay of dem meds. I likes da crazy Buttons I do!

  8. Buttons you B so cute! I'm glad U momma gettin U to take UR new medication - dats important. In da mean time, U getsa play and act crazy! I LUB it - and you! *SMOOCH!*

  9. I am so happy that the funny crazy Buttons is back . I hope you can stay off those pills ... ♥ I am also very happy you have a new blog post too ! I hope your next test comes back perfect ... Hugs Suzi

  10. I am so glad you are doing good Buttons! I agree with your Mom, tests no fun and I hope your pill works! Love and Kisses to you and your Mom ;)

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  12. Wooooohooooo....missed My Crazy Little Thing Called BUTTONS !!!!!!!!!


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