Friday, November 9, 2012


I told you Mom was slacking on my blog time, well this is a fine example of that negligence.

Mom found this post saved as a draft.  No text, just a lot of pictures...from over a month ago.  It was even already named "Sniff-A-Thon" and tagged with keywords.  She uploaded the photos.  Just never helped me write anything.

Geez.  What a slacker!!!

So I'm going into my "way back" machine to try to remember exactly what happened this day.  I'm pretty sure Mom and I went for a walk around the pond near our house.  And I'm pretty sure that I sniffed everything in sight, too.  (It's a talent.)

Mom remembers taking these next couple of pictures because she says it was the only time on the entire walk where I actually walked.  The rest of the time we slowly inched along as I sniffed everything in sight.

But of course I had to stop and sniff the end of the bridge.

And the ground right on the other side of the bridge...

Apparently all of that sniffing must have worn me out.  The next two pictures in our long-lost blog post draft are of me snoozing with a duck in my mouth.

I'm sure they'd have a better impact if we remembered why I was sleeping with the duck as a pacifier.  Oh, well.

I hope you've enjoyed this "long lost" post.

The End.


  1. Heehee we lub any post u makes even iffen u not remembers why u postin it. HUGS

  2. Yup, Buttons, we should has screened your mom way better afore we let her adopt you. "Is you a blog slacker?" should has been a question on our adoption application. Live and learn.

  3. We like sniff-a-thons even tho we have flat noses that don't smell as good as yours, you better have a talk with slacker
    Benny & Lily


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