Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Bad Mom

I wanted attention tonight, so I started barking at Mom while she was trying to eat her supper.  And I kept it up until she finished.  After she put her dirty dishes in the kitchen, she got down on the floor to play with me.

By then, however, I had decided that I no longer wanted to play.  So, I hopped into my doggie bed.

And that's when the evening took a very disturbing turn...  Mom decided to COVER ME UP with my toys!  Seriously.

What on earth got into her?!  I just sat there like a good girl and took the abuse.

And yes, I fell asleep.

The pile of toys snored for a while after that.  He he he.  Mom finally got tired of taking pictures of me and left me alone. I don't think she realized that sleeping in toys is puppy dog Heaven for me.


  1. OMC Human2 did da same fing to me well except fur dey not ma toys n I wuz no asleep. R humanz r weird.

  2. BAAAHAAAA!!!! I lub da bottle of bear sittin outside UR bed!!!

  3. OMC! Look it all those toys! There's one very lucky dog sleeping below them.

  4. we thought your head was a stuffie, BOL
    Benny & Lily

  5. Heeee heeee heeeee!! I don't think your mummy was really naughty do you? It was just different views on how the evening should be spent!

  6. I think now your mom has started sumpin and you should woof at her all the time to cover you up with your toys, BOL.

  7. Oh Buttons - these dang oomans are getting stranger by the minute. They really think we are so dumb as to fall for all their tricks. Guess you showed her.


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