Saturday, November 3, 2012

Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween!  (O.K., so maybe it's Happy Two-Days-After Halloween now because Mom's been slacking on my blog time...)

This year Mom conspired with my neighbor and they decided that I needed to wear this peacock costume for Halloween.

I actually didn't mind it too much. Mom and I had a disagreement about whether or not the peacock hat was a squeaky toy.  She seemed to think I should wear it, not attack it.  Once it was on my head, though, I left it there.

I strutted my stuff all of the way over to our neighbor's house!

Well, I had to make one little detour to take care of some business...  (Mom says she assumes this was to voice my displeasure at having to wear a costume.)  I was a poopin' peacock.

Here I am at our neighbor's patio...  "TRICK OR TREAT!"

The neighbor had her camera, too, and refused to open the screen door until I was properly photographed. If you look closely you'll see a few little leaf things stuck in the fur on my chin.  Those things get stuck on me every single time I sniff the trees near my neighbor's place.

The best part about my peacock costume was that it actually had a coordinating peacock SQUEAKY TOY!!!  Seriously.  Can you believe that?  I attacked, of course.

Is it cannibalism to see a peacock chewing on a peacock?  He he he.

And you KNOW I had to roll on that squeaky toy...

Still rolling...

My totally awesome neighbor had a bag of Halloween squeakies waiting for me for my trick or treating.  Yep.  A BAG of Halloween squeaky toys!  And she put out a BOWL of Milkbones for me, too!

Now here's where the evening took a slightly evil turn...

Yep.  Mom brought another costume.  She thought she'd display my ornery side by dressing me like a little devil.

I put up with it...

but I really just wanted to play with my new toys.

So I told Mom and our neighbor just how I felt!

Thankfully, we got down to business playing tug, bitey face, etc., right after that.  It was awesome.

After a while, however, Mom decided to torture me again with yet another outfit.


Sure, the skeleton pajamas are cute, but I think you can tell that I was NOT amused.

But then I got another new toy, so the skeleton PJs were quickly forgotten.

And I played and played and played.

Tushy shot:

Then Mom and I walked back home.  She left the skeleton PJs on me.  Lots of people ooh'd and aah'd over me on the way.

Mom and my neighbor decided that they liked the peacock outfit the best.  I have to admit that I do make a cute little peacock.

Would you believe they went out shopping today and found TWO more costumes to put back for next year?!  I'm doomed.


  1. Yay xxx those costumes are just sooooperb.Glad to see my Smilemaker so happy xx

  2. OMC - That awesome neighbor of yours really takes good care of you doesn't she. I love the Peacock one too - it'[s the best. It's so very adorable on you.

  3. Yeah. I have to agree I like the peacock costume best. my fave toys are peacock feathers. Wish I had a neighbor like yours.

  4. Never too late to post your Halloween pix. So you're all set for next year's costume?

  5. OMD!! Buttons you is da cutest Peacock, debil, skeleton I eber did seez! Dadz had a good laugh and said you are adorable!!

    Lub U - MattieDog

  6. You are the cutest wee devil my pal....but we know you haz a good side too. Woof.

  7. OMD! We had never seen a peecock costume before!! That is awesome!! Better that you even has coordinating toys! Buttons, you are diva among divas!! Mom likes the skeleyton costume too...I'm in awe of your spooky supermodelness!

  8. Love the peacock costume

    Stop on by for a visit

  9. I love all your costumes. You were adorable in every one of them.


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