Thursday, July 26, 2012

Puppy Snack Mix

Way back when I first got adopted 2.5 years ago, I trained Mom to give me treats at bed time.  Mom used to give me some of my kibble pieces as my snack.  But then as her training advanced, I convinced her to break out the good cookies instead of those healthy kibbles.

Well, she foolishly decided the other day to try to switch me back to the kibbles.

She began trying to sneak it past me by making a puppy snack mix out of dry kibbles and yummy cookies.

I was excited at first, expecting my nightly cookies.  "Gimme those cookies, Mom!"

I investigated the mix.

Started to nibble...

Nibbled some more...

Licked the sheet to make sure I got all the good stuff...

Yawned while licking my lips...

And I do believe I showed Mom exactly what I thought of her new tactic.

Then I glared at her.  "That is NOT going to work. I am NOT eating the kibbles."

I made sure I didn't leave any cookie crumbs...

And then I glared at Mom once again for giving me kibbles.

Seriously.  Give me good cookies.  That's how I've trained you...


  1. Buttons....those are ur BEST stinkeyes ever and the petted lip...fabbbbalass...when will mom learn.teeehee

  2. What ever made your mom think she could fool the Buttons ? LOL

  3. Oops I forgot to sign my comment it is me soozi13

  4. Well, sure showed her! How dare she try and pass off kibble as a "cookie"!! That is unacceptable. She better go back to real cookies at once!

    Your pal,

  5. Wow. You are the stink-eye guru. I bet that showed her. Waiting for report on if your tactic worked and mom's back to the good cookies for snacks.

  6. Seriously Buttons, you make us want to give you OUR treats, that last photo of you!!

  7. I love how we train the drama queens. We just wait
    T in the kitchen til we get the one we want
    Benny & Lily

  8. oh my god buttons that glare is fantastic, you must of been practiceing that in the mirror for a long time. well done keep up the good work xxx

  9. Good job! You are so much smarter than her

    Stop on by for a visit


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