Monday, July 30, 2012

Replacement Flamingo

If you know me, then you know of my fondness for squeaky toys.  And you probably know that my "fondness" is probably more like an "obsession."  I play with multiple toys every day.  (Mom also steps on multiple squeakies every day.)  

It's not often that I continuously pick the same toy to play with, though. I really do enjoy my selection.  However, I did sort of develop a "favorite" of sorts over the last two years.  It's my pink flamingo.  I dig him out at least once a week.

Mom started to have issues with him, though, 'cause she said he was getting really gross.  His wings are crunchy from my slobbers, and he's not the right color anymore.  He has a few big holes in his tummy, and his legs would probably fall out if I tugged hard enough.  She can't wash the crunchies off 'cause she's afraid he'll fall apart.

I gotta give Mom credit, though, 'cause she did a very good thing.  She went looking on the internet, did some detective work, and she actually found me a NEW flamingo that is identical to my old one!

She wanted to take a picture of it after she gave it to me, but I was too excited about it.  I told her "HANDS OFF!"

Would you believe she stole it from me anyway?!  New flamingo is on the right. Old, crunchy, holey, flamingo is on the left.

Right after she took that picture, of course, I stole him right back.  It was rude of her to give me the new flamingo and then take him back for silly pictures!

I took him under the bed, where she couldn't get to it.  (See my tail sticking out?)

Then Mom got this pic of me playing under the bed.

I just wanted to play in peace with my new, replacement flamingo, though, so I left the bedroom and went into the privacy of my Princess Tent in the living room.  Would you believe she invaded that privacy, too?!

She finally left me alone, and I played and played and played until I wore myself out.  Then while I rested, I also supervised Mom from the Princess Tent's tunnel, with the new flamingo still in my mouth.

This is the first time in the 2.5 years I've lived with Mom that she's had to get me a replacement toy.  I'm sure glad she did, though.

On a not-so-nice note, Mom says I'm overdue for a haircut 'cause she can't see my eyes anymore.  Uh oh...


  1. She could see your eyes if she hadn't taken away your magical headband! Problem solved!! :)

  2. That is one pawesome flamingo toy, Buttons! I used to get replacement Kung-Fu-Fighting-Mouse toy but I haven't destroyed the latest one yet...though I know there is another one in the pantry just waiting to come out! Enjoy your new flamingo, my friend...and if ya ever need another one, let me know! I live in the flamingo capital...South Florida and I bet there are plenty down here!

    Cuddles from your pal,

  3. Whoa! They don't even look like the same toy! Cats are different tho. We never like the replacement as much as the original. We can tell the difference.

  4. Oh what a nice mom! I wish my mom would have found my octopus! You are lucky!!
    Furcut??? RUN!!!!

  5. I see you is hard at work getting the replacement flamingo in tip top shape. Crunchies do not happen ofurnight and it's lots of work to get them just right. Mebbe some crunchies to hold your bangs up so you don't need to get a new furdo?

  6. Rumblemum has learned to STOCK UP on things we love, for the very reason that you have! We mangle the things we love the most! *LOL*

  7. That was very nice of mum to source a new flamingo. I bet he is all crunchy by now....just the way he should be.

  8. The Flamingo is a real cutie nd mom was right...time for a haircut!!!


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