Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Public Service Announcement: Check Your ID Tags

Yes, this is a public service announcement blog post.  Please, pretty please, have your parents check your ID tags.  Here's why...

Meet Riley.  He's an Australian Shepherd and his parents are friends of my Mom.  Last week, Riley got LOST.  He was lost bad, too.

Riley had a tag on his collar with his parents' phone number on it...but the tag was old and the phone number on the tag was DISCONNECTED!  Isn't that awful?!

Thankfully, Riley was found safe. He was lost for three days and two nights, out in the country in a corn field.   Poor guy.  He was lucky, and his parents were really lucky, too.

Mom went and had a new ID tag made for his parents, so that if he ever gets lost again, his tag would have the right phone number on it.  Riley's parents did the same thing, too!  So now he's got a new tag and a spare one. (I don't think his parents will let him outta their sight, though.)

When he first got lost, Mom couldn't believe that Riley's tag had an old number on it.  That's when she noticed what kinda shape my own tag was in...

My tag was worn and half of my name was gone!!!  Mom's phone number was SUPER hard to read, too!

Mom nearly fainted.  Here she thought she was on top of stuff like that...and my tag was in bad shape!  So embarrassing.  And what would have happened if I'd gotten lost somehow and my finders didn't check for my microchip?!?!

So here's what Mom got today:

Pretty new tag for my collar with all of the right info clearly printed on the back.  Now I'm safer once again!

So, be sure you have your parents check your ID tags, please.  Yours could be worn out like mine was!

Of course there's not much chance of me ever getting lost if I keep hiding in my princess tent...


  1. Woo need one of these tags too

    The engraving won't wear off like the other kind of tags

    Just sayin'


    PeeEssWoo: Riley was furry furry furry lukhky!

  2. An excellent message, I hope everyone is checking their tags.

  3. Mom realized that too, (way after the fact) that when she had the land line disconnected our tags had that number! But at least she eventually realized it and put rescue group tags on us that has her cell phone. The same thing be true fur microchips - peeples has to change their registration information and keep it updated. So many times dogs and kittehs come into the shelter with microchips but their pawrents cannot be found coz the phone numbers in the registration is no good any more.

  4. OMD, Buttons! Ma just checked my tag and it is worn too! Thank you for this important public service announcement!

    Oh! And I am so glad Riley is no longer lost!

  5. What a great PSA today Buttons. We're so happy that your pal Riley was found safe and sound. That is a horrible experience. We get new tag's every year from Santa. And that's the time too that Mommy updates any changes on our micro chip.

    You're doing us a great service by reminding us of all these important things.

    Lily Belle


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