Saturday, March 22, 2014

Beautiful Weathers

Last weekend we had super nice weather, so Mom and I decided to go walk around the pond by our house.

I made sure to stop and sniff this pole on the way. See those dogs in that door? They barked and barked and barked! I took my time and showed them who's boss.

This is some of the last of the snow that's left around here. It's all been melting and melting.

The dog station seems to be missing something...the trash can! Hope the park people bring it back soon. That's important for poops.

Of course I found mud on our walk.

We got about a quarter of the way around the pond when I decided that I'd walked enough. I gave Mom this look.

Then we turned around and walked back home.

See this bench?  There was a nice family sitting there when we walked by the first time. You know what I did?  I pooped right by them. They laughed. Mom was not amused.

When we got back home I rolled and rolled.

That was a nice walk. Well, kinda.


  1. You go Buttons! Dat rooked rike a lot of fun!

  2. Lucky lucky Buttons!
    Our snow is sticking around.

  3. Is nice to ave da sun on yore back Buttons my pal….


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