Sunday, April 28, 2013

Making the Bed

Mom seemed to have some difficulty making the bed this evening. She took the sheets and blankets off to wash them, but then she couldn't manage to get them back on the bed.

I have no idea why...


  1. She shouldn't have stole the sheets, right,
    Benny & Lily

  2. But where are the sheets to hide under??? That's the fun!!!
    Cats rule. Dogs? Don't understand sheets, do you.
    That's okay. We're all different.

  3. Look at that wee tummy,,,smooooochtastic

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  5. You look so comfy ! Hope she doesn't disturb you trying to make the bed ! I always have to make the bed around Hank .. It's like a science he's got it down on where to move when it's needed so I can get it made ... Hugs for Buttons

  6. He he...we found Lola lyin on top of all da clean washin this week my pal...


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