Saturday, April 20, 2013

Mutt Strut!

It's almost time for the Mutt Strut!  Mom and I have participated in the Mutt Strut every year since I got adopted.  This will be my 4th time strutting my stuff!

The Mutt Strut is a fundraiser for my local humane society. I was adopted from a wonderful rescue group in New Jersey, but Mom and I still think it's important to support the local shelter. Every doggie and kitty and gerbil deserves to have a forever and ever family.  Mom and I mean so much to each other...we think ALL animals and people deserve this type of loving relationship!

So that's why I strut my stuff each year.  Would you please consider sponsoring me?  Every dollar goes to supporting those animals at the shelter.

Last year the Mutt Strut was held on Cinco de Mayo, so Mom made me wear a stupid sombrero.

She got herself a sombrero to wear, too.  That way we could be coordinated.

What a dork...

Thankfully, the Mutt Strut is NOT being held on Cinco De Mayo this year.  Whew.

Thanks for considering a donation!


  1. Would love to sponsor you and your sweet mommy too! Going to donate right now .. Hugs Suzi

  2. Good luck wiv your struttin my pal.......


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