Wednesday, September 26, 2012

My 12th Birthday, Part 2

I promised you more good stuff from my birthday...well, here it is!

I had my very first, full-fledged birthday PARTY!  Mom and I went over to our cool neighbor's house and the three of us had a party.  Seriously.  And our neighbor really, really went all-out to help us celebrate.  (She ROCKS!)

She put up a big banner that said, "Happy Birthday Buttons," and she had two GIANT balloons.

One balloon looks like a doggy.  The other one plays music when you tap it. "Ceeeeelebrate good times, come on!"

Since the balloons were up by the ceiling and I have tiny little legs, Mom pulled the balloons down to show me.

On the floor beneath the balloons and banner, our neighbor put PRESENTS.

Lots and lots and lots of presents for ME.  And a new doggie bed that's super-duper soft.  And a new blanket.  And a card that had a picture of a white doggie on it that sorta looks like me!

Before I started opening the presents, we had some other business to attend to.  CAKE.

Mom actually tried to take pictures of me with my hat and cake before we went over to our neighbor's house.  So these next few pics are from earlier in the evening.

Anyway, Mom got my cake and my hat from Lainey's Pawtique.

I was not a fan of the hat.

But I still managed to lick the cake frosting while Mom was trying to take pictures.

Then I got the hat OFF.

Had to pose one more time...

And then I went right back to licking until Mom rudely took the cake away. She said I had to wait until we went to our neighbor's house for the party.

When we got over there, and before we opened presents, Mom tried to make me pose AGAIN with my cake. That was absurd.

I just went back to licking my frosting.

And I nearly got the little "princess" candy piece off of the top of the cake before Mom brought out the stupid HAT again. I started barking at our neighbor, hoping she would help me out.  She just took pictures, too. Hrmph.

But after that, it was time to EAT.  Mom and our neighbor had chocolate people cake.  I had my special Lainey's carob and strawberry cake and some Frosty Paws (doggie ice cream).

Nom nom nom nom nom.

Nom nom nom nom nom.  (That's the special plate Mom got me two years ago. It's reserved for birthday cake.)

 Nom nom nom nom nom.

After I ate most of the frosting and some of the cake, it was time for me to open my presents.

Played and wore myself out with the first present and had to take a little snooze.

Opening more...

Another one...

Playing and plucking.

Mom has no idea what I was doing here, sitting in all of the tissue paper, but she said I had to post this pic because she thinks it's just hysterical.  (Whatever...)

And even though it wasn't HER birthday party, our cool neighbor gave Mom these super pretty flowers.  She said they were for taking such good care of the Princess (a.k.a., ME).

It was an awesome, totally cool, super duper party.  I got a little overwhelmed, though, by all of the new stuff.  We had to leave early 'cause I was so pooped.

Here's my "I'm sooooo tired" face.

These are the nice presents from my neighbor:

And I can tell you for a fact that the new bed is SUPER soft and comfy.

WHAT a day, don't you think???



    Sure looks like u had extra speshul day.

    *12 BIG HUGS* for birfaday girl.

  2. oh my goodness Buttons - you just bwing a tear of joy to our eyeballs! U is so blessed, and U is such a blessing! We lub you so!

  3. AWWWWWWWW!!! what a GREAT party! Mommy was giggling shw says you are Super Duper CUTE Buttons.... its was RUDE that she didn't let us TASTE TEST BEFORE sending you the cake.... but It looked like you liked it.... the Hat was Hilarious. You sure got LOTS of cool presents and you are WAY LUCKY to have not only the most AWESOME MOMMY... but a Pretty Swell Friend :O) HoOowoWlLlss .. paw'd Lainey

  4. what a day. We are coming to the pawty next year
    Benny & Lily

  5. I am smiling down to my toes.You are a lucky wee lassie to be so loved,what a party!!!!! Pasihuggggs xx

  6. We are soooo glad you had such a good birthday! And that new bed looks very soft and comfy for the after party snooze!

  7. what a beautiful party you had Buttons !!!! You have the Best mommy and neighbor ever !! Wish Maggie and Hank could have come too. !!! Big Giant Birthday hugs and smoochies to you !!!

  8. Happy birthday, Buttons! What a great friend your neighbor is! I am so impressed by all those toys and a new bed and a new blankie. What an awesome party!


  9. Happy Happy Happy Birthday!!!

    Stop on by for a visit

  10. Hurray, wot a lucky girl you are buttons. Your momma and your pals must love you so much. Burfdee hugs from me an Lola.

  11. I wanna live where you live. None of my neighbors give me presents! MOL


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