Tuesday, September 25, 2012

My 12th Birthday, Part 1

I turned 12 years old on September 18.  It was an awesome day, too!  Mom started our birthday celebrations early.  She tiptoed into where I was snoozing...

And she put a present right by my head!

I gave it a good once-over.

Mom helped me unwrap it.  I was so excited that I didn't even realize I had my tail sitting in my water bowl!

As soon as that wrapping paper was gone, that new toy was MINE!

Mom and I played fetch for a bit.  I had some good "bed head" going, and I was still a little half-asleep. Gotta give myself some credit, though, 'cause that's the most activity I think I've ever had at that time in the morning.  I'm not a "morning person."  Neither is Mom.  We both grumble a lot in the morning.

Anyway, after I grumbled a bit, we played fetch some more.  Here's a pic of me waiting for Mom to throw the toy over my head.

Unfortunately, Mom had to go to work, so we couldn't play all day.  But let's face it, I wanted to go back to sleep anyway.  When Mom came home from work, you know what she did?  She gave me another present!

I got tired of Mom taking so many pictures, so I took the toy under the bed to play with it while hiding.

Eventually I came back out and posed...

Sounds like I had a great birthday, huh?

BUT would you believe that I haven't even told you about the biggest part of my day yet???  Stay tuned for Part 2, just as soon as Mom helps me sort through the 150 pictures she took...  He he he...


  1. Oh, sweet Buttons, we're glad you had so much fun on your birthday! You deserved lots of good things to happen!

  2. Woof! Woof! Oh Happy 12th. You had lots of FUN. Lots of Golden Woofs, Sugar

  3. Love the bed head pic!!!! teehee Huggs

  4. that wos a wundaful berfday yoo ad buttuns. yoo dus be verry luvd an lukky gerl .. strokes .. strokes ..

  5. Congratulations Buttons - another year older. Sounds like you had a good birthday. Love your expression in that one picture - you look grumpy. he he

  6. Happy Birthday Buttons. Tell your Mom you want to eat your cake fresh this year. She shouldn't put it in the freezer and forget about it for a couple of years.

  7. Happy Birthday! Looks like it was a very special day
    Benny & Lily

  8. I just lub how u sleeps half out of ur bed. MOL

    U a special girl wot deserves a great big pawty.

  9. Happy birfdee my chum...it look like you had a most excellent day....i send burfdee wuzzes for you...


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