Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Taking Drastic Measures

Last night Mom and I went to our awesome neighbor's house. (She's the neighbor who has TOYS and COOKIES for me and the other doggies who live nearby. Thus, she totally rocks!!!)

I found a really cool toy at my neighbor's house and I played with it the entire time Mom and I were there. But when I tried to take the cool new toy home, Mom had the audacity to say NO. Can you believe that?!

Mom's weak reasoning was that the toy wasn't actually a doggie toy but something called a "stress ball" for peoples. She didn't want me to pluck it and end up eating the stuff from the inside.


Tonight we went back for another quick visit with our neighbor, and I got my little paws on that toy AGAIN!!! Mom tried to take it away from me -- again, she kept saying she didn't want me to break it open...and again I say WHATEVER. Crazy woman.

So drastic measures had to be taken. Can you see what I did?

Let me give you a blurry close-up picture...

That's right. I went into hiding with the blue toy! Any time Mom got close to me, I ducked behind that big chair so she couldn't take it away. I refused to come out of my hidey spot the entire visit because they were NOT going to take that toy away from me again! That toy didn't leave my mouth, either.

When Mom was putting on her coat to leave -- and actually started to leave without me 'cause I refused to budge -- then I finally came out. I got all flustered, though, and Mom somehow managed to TAKE THE TOY AWAY again!


I need to work on that part of my toy plan, I suppose. Next time I think I'll leave the toy behind the chair where they can't get to it...

Mom and the neighbor both keep saying that they think I'll forget about that toy being there. I think, however, that we all know better.


  1. You are just the cutest sweetest funniest girl !!!!!

  2. SuperButtons will prevail!!!

  3. that toy was so obviously left there for you to play with and take home. Oh, humans are dense sometimes, aren't they!

  4. ha ha - how dare the oomans say you can't have it. What was it in the toy box for if it was NOT a toy.

  5. You and I both know, Buttons, you will NEFUR furget where you put that toy! You has photogenic memories.

  6. Oh Buttons, them peeple is rotten not lettin you keep da toy. Mebbe you haz to slip round under cover of da night and...er....borrow it