Tuesday, June 14, 2011

My Reputation

It seems that I've gotten a bit of a reputation as a squeaky toy terror. Or a destroyer, perhaps. Stuffing remover. Fur plucker. (You know what I'm getting at here...)

In fact, Cathy Keisha discusses this briefly over on her blog. She's got a stuffy who is getting her in all sorts of trouble. And, long story short, near the end of the post she says, "I'd mail him to Busy Buttons and let her have her way with him."

Hmmm. Why on earth does everyone think that I'm a toy punisher? I love my squeakies!

OK...maybe I love squeakies just a bit too much...


  1. You can love HHGutt to death! MOL!

  2. Buttons the Fluffy Destroyer!!!! her dastardly weapon....love !!!

  3. U doz lub ur sqweekies dat fur sure. But I finks dis reputashuns iz undeserved. Shuld we starts a protest?

    *makes banner* *holds it up hi*


  4. Buttons! U pulled his squeeker out and *gasps* *takes a deep breath and whispers* nearly decapitated him!

  5. Hi Buttons! We came across your blog by Anna the GSD and are new followers.

    Buttons, my brother Chewy is just like you (although he's not a destroyer (most of the time, BOL!)), he LOVES his squeaker toys and sometimes drives Dad up a wall with all the squeaking he does, Mom says it's music to her ears!

    Chi kisses, Lilibell (and Chewy too)



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