Sunday, November 7, 2010

Toki Poki Trading Cards

Some of my friends have gotten their very own trading cards from Toki Poki. Mom ordered cards for me, but Boris and Pumpkin sent me their cards before I even had my own to trade with! Wasn't that nice of them?

Pumpkin sent her card in a package that was way too big for just the card. I found a TOY in there, too!

Isn't that cool? Thanks, Pumpkin!

And then look at what came in the mail this weekend...

Oh, sorry. Guess I shouldn't have "supervised" the photo-taking so closely. Here's a better shot:

That's cards just arrived! Boris and for the postal people!


  1. Is you sending me one, too, Buttons? I has to has mom order mine. Still trying to decide wot pikshures to use. Desishuns, desishuns... (PS - I duss not think you mentshunned enuff times on your card how much you like squeakie toys, BOL)

  2. Yay! They arrived! I'll be watching the post carefully for the envelope. I love collecting these cards. I hope more pals decide to get them.

  3. Wot Buttons likes squeaky toys?!?! I did not knows dat Shawnee! MOL

    I can no waits to gets ma paws on dat Button's (& dat Shawnee's) cards!

  4. I hadn't heard of Toki Poki cards before. I thought for a moment it was one of those Japanese card games: "BUTTONS has a SPEED rating of 10, a POWER rating of 4, and a CUTENESS rating of 11+. BUTTONS gets +2 in attacks against WASTEBASKETS." Something like that.

    Actually, that could be a really fun game...
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