Thursday, November 25, 2010

The Story of Me

Minna Krebs is asking everyone to post "The Story of Me" to help celebrate her Gotcha Day. This is very, very timely for me because my own Gotcha Day is on Friday. That's right...Friday, November 26 will be the 1-year anniversary of when I was adopted by Mom!

Things are pretty good for me now, and I'm being spoiled absolutely rotten. Got my Mom trained pretty good, too. Life is good...but things haven't always been so good for me.

You see, two years ago I was dumped. Yep. A bad woman just dumped me out of the car and left me all alone on the streets. I was picked up by some people and I eventually ended up at Companion Critters, a rescue group in New Jersey. I was a lucky pup 'cause I didn't actually end up at a shelter.

So Companion Critters found me a new home and I went to live with those people. But then, after almost a year with them, they took me back to my foster home. I didn't do anything wrong...but I was returned. I was just turning 9 years old...and I have bad lots of people considered me "unadoptable" at that point.

If you want to read about the rest of my story up until them, check it out over on the Companion Critters website. (It's a good read...especially since you know my happy ending! Oh, and it involves the cops getting that bad woman, too!)

Anyway, you may remember me talking about my sister Lexi-Lou. Well, she had a blog and a Twitter account. In September of last year, Lexi and Mom found out about me over on Shawnee's blog. (Lots of you know Shawnee -- she's a German Shepherd who has great hiking adventures!) Anyway, Mom fell for my cute little face. Over the next couple of months, Mom started talking to Shawnee's Mom, and they eventually decided that Mom and Lexi-Lou were going to adopt me and be my forever and ever family. Lexi and I were both Shih Tzus, and we were both almost the exact same age! Mom didn't think I was old...I was just the same age as Lexi-Lou. And my allergies weren't a problem at all.

But things were a little tricky. You see, Shawnee lives in New Jersey and my soon-to-be-new family lives in Illinois. Do you know what Shawnee and her Mom did, though? On Thanksgiving Day last year, they loaded up the car and drove me all of the way to Illinois so that I could have my forever and ever family. That was half-way across the country!

When I met my new family, I fit right in. Everyone thought I'd have to take some time to adjust, but I proved them wrong. I was playing with toys right away. I even helped unpack the toys that Shawnee let me keep from her house!

So that's my story. Pretty cool, huh? Mom spoils me rotten now, especially with all of the toys. But I really love toys, and Mom says she's just making up for the bad stuff I went through. I get scared sometimes that I'm going to be dumped again...or that I'm going to have to go to yet another new family. But Mom says that's not happening. She says that I'm stuck with her forever and ever.

My story isn't really complete, though, until I say one more thing...and that's a big THANK YOU to Shawnee and her mom. It's because of their love and dedication to their fosters that I was able to find my forever and ever and ever family. Thanks so much, Shawnee!


  1. Oh Buttons, we are so sorry to read what you have gone through. You are indeed a tough cookie! After all that you've gone through, you really deserve what you have right now! We would also love to say thank you to all those wonderful people who have helped you. Hope you'll have the best of everything from now on.

  2. Oh sweet Buttons - I never heard your story. You had a very unhappy beginning. I'm so happy you are with your mom now and dat Shawnee and mom rescued you and drove you all the way over to your new home. Dat was very very special thing to do. You has a lot to be thankful for.

  3. Aw, Buttons, you so deserve the home wot you has now and it be me and mom wot is thankful to your mom fur adopting you and gibbing you such a great life! It dussn't get any better than that. All day today I woz thinking about eggsactly one year ago driving across the country in the back seat of mom's car with you. We did has fun togedder back there, didn't we? Rememmer mom had to keep pointing the camera over the back of her seat to take our pics so she could see wot we woz doing while she woz driving? She thinks she be so sneaky.

  4. Ohhhh Buttons mee gotz all sad readin abouts yoo on caompanion critter butts me is so happi yoo has such a sooper Moms. Mi moms lovs yoo when yor wonderful moms post videeoos ovs yoo playin wivs yor sqeeeeeky toys it always puts a smile on her face.
    Mee is so glad yoo is so happi and safe now, I finks moms n Pops who adopt are angels.
    x x x x

  5. Oh how I rekhall Shawnee's post about the trip - especially since she inkhluded a sign fur the turnoff toward York from I81

    Happy Almost Gotcha Day!
    Happy Thanksgiving Day!!

    PeeEssWoo: Thanks fur sharing your tail/tale!

  6. Oh Buttons
    So sorry that you got dumped, that is terrible but good for you that you got your forever family. I know your mom loves you and will always keep you!! You make a great illinoisian!! LOL


  7. Oh Buttons! What a story you have! I didn't know there was a connection between you and Shawnee until I read her blog post yesterday! It's so wonderful that you were able to get such a great home after all! I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving and enjoy your gotcha day tomorrow!

  8. Yay! Great Story!

    Happy Turkey Day!


  9. Buttons,

    that is awful that you got dumped but am glad your momma found you!


  10. I tell your story to others all the time (hope you don't mind!) because it is such an incredible story how they pieced together what happened to you and got that bad woman and it's just a perfect story about humans doing their worst and then ends happily with humans doing their best.

  11. What a wonderful story. So glad you finally made it home with all the love and toys you can handle. You deserve it. Who wouldn't drive cross country for you, Buttons??? :)

  12. Oh my dogness, Buttons!!!! I did not know that you and Miss Shawnee are almost related!

    What a wonderful story.........and HAPPY GOTCHA DAY to YOU, my furrend.

    I am so happy that you pawticipated in my posting pawty!


  13. U and Shawnee r just so PAWSUM! I lub u both.

    Happy Gotcha Day.

  14. Happy Gotcha day my furriend. That was a wonderful Shawnee & her mom did, bringing you so far to your new family. I'm very happy things turned out good for you.

  15. Buttons,

    Just reread your story (for like the hundredth time!) and all of us here are leaky eyed. We love you, and that wonderful Shawnee and her mom for helping you find your forever home with your momma.

    Les, Smokey & Ody


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