Saturday, November 27, 2010

My Round Bed

I love my round doggie bed! It actually came from my foster home last year. Shawnee saw how much I loved that bed and she let me have it when I moved to my new home. Pretty cool, huh?

Anyway, part of the reason I love my round bed so much is 'cause it's so versatile. There's just SO much that you can do with this bed.

The obvious use is napping in it...

But when have I ever just left things "normal"?! That's not my style! So, in addition to napping in my bed, I also like to play with squeakies in it! I bat at them and roll on them. (This video is from last month, but it's good for illustrating this use of the round bed...)

It's also fun to play with my round bed on its side! I like to get squeakies in there and bat at 'em and squeak 'em this way.

It's also fun to flip the bed all of the way over and play on it that way!

Sometimes, just for fun, I even like to try to pull the foam off of the bottom of the bed. Mom doesn't seem to like that...

Mom does think it's pretty funny when I play underneath my upside-down bed, though. (In these pictures you can also see where I've "eaten" pieces of the foam from my bed...)

Finally, my round bed is even nice to nap in when it's upside-down. It may not look comfy...but it is!

Mom says we gotta find another one of these round beds soon 'cause I'm going to wear this one out (or eat it). He he he... I love my round bed!


  1. Until we met you, Buttons, we thought beds woz just fur sleeping in. Who knew there be so many uses?

  2. Thats my Smilemaker...Pasikisses


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