Sunday, November 7, 2010

The Send Buttons Toys Campaign

A while back, Mom and I were having a disagreement about the amount of dog toys in our house. Mom claimed that we had too many toys. I say there's no such thing. My main argument is the fact that since Mom and I share our house, I should get 50% of the space here. Makes complete sense to me. And, according to my logic, that means I should get lots MORE toys.

My friend Cathy Keisha agrees with me. In fact, after my post about the argument with Mom, Cathy Keisha suggested that we start the Send Buttons Toys Campaign in order to really show my Mom who's boss. That, my friends, is pure brilliance.

And I got a box in the mail this weekend from Cathy Keisha. She took the campaign to heart. Take THIS, Mom! He he he.

The box was bigger than me...

I dove right in just as soon as Mom opened the box.

Check out what Cathy Keisha sent me! There's a lamb and a red doggy and a blue bumpy bone and an M&M Man!

Mom said the M&M Man was for her and she stole it. How rude. She "claims" that the card said it was for her since she's such an M&M fanatic. Whatever.

I made sure to put all the rest of those new toys in my round bed so that Mom would know they are MINE and not hers.

They're in my bed. That means they're mine.

Once we straightened out that issue, Mom and I played fetch with the new blue bumpy bone. here's me waiting for Mom to throw it. I'm ready to pounce!

After we'd played with the new toys for a while, I decided to check out that box again, just to make sure we got everything out of it. maybe I really just wanted to play in the box. Boxes can be fun, too, you know.

After all that playing, I decided to nap for a while with my new lamb.

Big thanks to Cathy Keisha for inventing and supporting the Send Buttons Toys Campaign! She really helped me show Mom that I deserve more toys...and I deserve more room for my toys. (Mom says thanks for the M&M Man she stole from me, too.)

If anyone else would like to join the Send Buttons Toys Campaign, just let me know! Let's show my Mom who's boss!!!


  1. It do be offishull now - there be no way we can effur respossess you coz at our howse you only get 12.5% of the space and that be way not enuff fur you and all of your toys.

  2. CK sure did send you some cool stuff. Maybe I should start a Send Pumpkin Toys campaign. I'm gonna need lots more toys now that I'm gonna have to share them. MOL

  3. I am so impressed at your toy collektion! I am in awe and bow to you, Buttons, Mistress of the Toys!!!

  4. Oh yah Buttons, I do agree that the boxes are the most fun sometimes. And bout the toys~~What dog can have tooo many toys??

    Have your mom e-mail mine, she has christmas news for you.

  5. I can't seem to find a box that I can fit in very good. I say -- the MORE toys the better!

  6. That lamb looks nice a soft with lots of fur to pluck!


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