Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Yet Another Bath

Mom did it again. Yep. Yet another bath. Hrmph.

Tomorrow (Sept. 18) is my birthday. I'm gonna be 14 years old. You would THINK that Mom would cut me some slack with the medicated baths, especially since this is a special week...

Nope. No such luck.

Trust me when I say that I did not go into the tub willingly.

At least Mom refilled the toy box in the bathroom. That provided some distraction during blow-drying. (See Mom's orange hair dryer?)

Had to go back to the toy box to liberate another toy.

More plucking.

After Mom opened the gate and let me out of the bathroom, I'm happy to report that I successfully saved all three of those squeakies from the bathroom.

And that's why Mom has to refill the toy box in the bathroom. I try to save all of the toys from horrible baths.


  1. Awww, poor baby - you need a smooch! :) Happy birfday my sweet, awesome fwiend!

  2. In 1 Hour it will be your Birthday... Happy Birthday Sweetie !!!!!!

  3. Pffft...dat mum shure haz to be watch like a hawk Buttons my pal...appy burfdee

  4. OMG...Buttons, I is very worried about your mom's new fascination with putting you in the baths.I highly suggest putting all your toys and you in your nest under the bed. You may also need to fortify the nest.

    and HAPPY BDAY!!!!!!! You don't look a day past 7! Can't wait to see what toys you get!!

  5. Happy Happy Birthday sweetheart!!
    Lily & Edward

  6. Hi Buttons - I bet a bath is NOT what your wished for your barkday! Your toys are sure lucky you save them from dreaded baths BOL.
    Happy Birthday from one Shih Tzu to another :-)
    Looking forward to hearing all about your celebration (which hopefully won't include any more baths!
    Wugs, Lexi da Shih Tzu

  7. Happy Barkday, princess! Can't believe you're 14 years old though. 14 months maybe. 😊🎉🍗🍖🍔🍕👍


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