Wednesday, July 29, 2015

My New Sisters

I've got some pretty big news to share! Mom and I decided to expand our family and we recently adopted kitties. Yes, that's right...KITTIES!

Earlier this year, a pregnant, stray cat showed up on the farm of the mother of my Mom's best friend. They named the cat Shadow, and Shadow ended up having SEVEN kittens. Shadow is spayed now and she's living happily on the farm.
Shadow and all the babies

Mom and I wanted to help, so we adopted two of the kittens. Mom said that we needed two kitties instead of one because that way they could play with each other and not pounce me as much.
Our kitties, snuggling when they were one week old

Mom's obsessed with M&Ms -- you probably already knew that -- so we named the kitties Maggie Mae and Maisy Mia. M&M and M&M makes M&M&M&M!  (Mom's so weird...)
Maisy Mia

Maisy Mia

Maggie Mae

Maggy Mae, attacking Mom's pants

Anyway, the babies will be nine weeks old tomorrow and they're CRAZY. They play all of the time. They were afraid of me at first, and I was afraid of them, too. We're all doing better now. I don't play with them, but I'm not hiding from them as much anymore. They tend to think my poofy tail is a kitty toy. Not cool, kids, not cool.

I've discovered a fondness for kitten chow, and that's helped me accept the kitties into the family. Maggie keeps trying to eat my doggie food, too.

Trying to get to the kitty chow

This kitty food is goooooood

Overcoming my fear of the kitties in order to get to their kitten chow...
Mom and I have never, ever had a cat before, so we're really not sure about what we're doing here. It's pretty funny. We're going to trim some kitty nails soon, though, because Mom's been under constant attack.
Maggie attacking Mom's foot

Maggie more of a lovey kitty so far, and Maisy is the crazy play, play, play, play, play girl. Maisy was the runt of her litter, so she's smaller than Maggie. That doesn't slow her down, though!
Mom loving on little Maisy

The kids are SO funny when they play, so here are some videos of them in action...

Things are really crazy at our house now!


  1. OMC Dey so cute. Tell mom kittens is baby wild animals until dey learn how to behave. MOL!!

  2. Oh my goodness! Your sisters are so adorable! And two of ain't seen the end of crazy for a long long while. :)

  3. Nothing better than babies!
    Lily & Edward

  4. Oh they are so precious!!! The videos made my day and I am STILL smiling

  5. We are so glad you are here blogging! But we need to see your face, too!

  6. OMd ..dems is cute Buttons my pal...yoo is a saint

  7. Oh my gosh Buttons, you gotsa share UR momma wif kitties!! But rook how cute dey is - snuggly cute, almost as cute as you :) Hee hee hee - I just lub dat you haz extended your family! Lub is like dat, just give it away freely and you'll receive tons in return!

  8. Buttons.. how are your new sisters doing? We keep wondering! (considering we're kitties, it's of great interest to us)! Tikka & China

  9. How did I miss this? Oh, that be right, too bizzy to bloggie, boo. I knows you kitteh sisses by all growned up now but nice flashback to not so long ago when they was teeny tine.


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