Monday, October 28, 2013

The Shredder

The weather is getting colder, so my allergies aren't as bad as they usually are. And my skin infection is all better now, too. You know what that means? MISCHIEF!

When I'm feeling good, there's no telling what I'll get myself into.  Here's my latest accomplishment:

I took a sack or two of old mail...pulled it under Mom's bed...and shredded it!  Then, piece by piece, I pulled it out from under the bed and spread it around.  All while Mom was asleep in her bed, of course.

I pulled some toys into the mix, too, and played with them. Then had to take a nap, of course.

Trying my best to look innocent when confronted by the mess...

Apparently Mom was on to my shenanigans and tried to get video of me in action. Lucky for me, it was too dark under the bed for her camera to work on video! I stopped my shredding when I saw the camera appear, too. She caught some good snorts on video, though...

Failed attempt to photograph me shredding stuff under the bed...

Aerial view of me emerging from my shredding location...

I'm quite detail-oriented in my shredding, too.  See how tiny I can get those scraps?

Plastic sacks are no match for my abilities, either.

Magazines... I'm an equal opportunity shredder.

All sorts of mail!  Nothing can withstand Shredder Buttons!

Mom's trying to figure out how to clean up the rest of the scraps of paper from way, way under the bed.

Things are sure fun when I'm feeling ornery!


  1. Boy that looks like fun. Wish it would cool down here. My allergies are itching

  2. U iz too silly! Lub da season change when u start feelin ornery agin :)

  3. Hi Buttons - Such a good shredder; your Mom doesn't have to worry about identity theft BOL! Ornery is not a bad thing when it means you are feeling better!
    Oh - the snorts your mom got on the video? - I do that too (it's a Shih Tzu thing :-).
    Have a good week,
    Lexi da Shih Tzu

  4. BAAAHAAA! Dats fabulous!!! I scented it to dadz too, he off seein da world. U so cute Buttons!!

  5. Mebbe you cud haz job in da offis my way of ernin more noms

  6. wow that was a lot of work!!!

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