Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Blessed Again

This weekend, Mom and our neighbor and I all went to another church for another pet blessing. Mom says that I can't be too blessed, considering my cancer scare this summer.

Mom sat in a chair at this service, so I took my usual spot under Mom's seat.

Here's the pastor getting ready to start the service.

The church had strategically-placed water bowls and garbage cans. Very cool.

Here's the official program and song sheet.

During the start of the program I ventured out from under Mom's chair to get some loving from our neighbor. She's my buddy.

This church even brought a keyboard outside to play music during the service. Very cool!

I looked at the music, but decided not to sing along.

Then it was time for the blessings! The pastor went to each animal (all dogs this time except for three bunny rabbits) and talked to the owner about the pet, then he said a special prayer. Here he is in the suit jacket, blessing the bunnies.

These two big lab dogs were having FUN. They kept playing and playing. The lab on the left was just diagnosed with hearing loss. The lab on the right chewed through her leash right before the pastor came to bless her. So funny!

Then it was my turn!

After my blessing, I hung out beside my neighbor again and watched the rest of the festivities.

And when the service was over, I started rolling in the grass. That was a blast. I needed to get some good stinks on me again since Mom made me take a bath the day before.

Then we were off to the car to head home!

It's good to be blessed. Mom says that's the last service that she knows about, so we're probably done hitting the blessing services now.


  1. Blessins, B a blessin! BOL!!! You is such a special poochie - lub'd, cared for, shown kindness, & blessed! *SMOOCH!*

  2. Yoo is a blessin in yorself Buttons my pal...

  3. Buttons u iz a sweetie pie n so special to so many. U deserves all dem blessins n more. *HUGS*

  4. Yes ,you are a blessing in my life xx my sweet Smilemaker xx

  5. You are truly blessed to have such caring humans to love you Buttons

  6. Hi Buttons - Your blog should be called "Busy, Blessed Buttons" :-) Pets and Blessings go both ways: You Bless Humans and Humans Bless You!
    have a Busy, Blessed weekend,
    Lexi da Shih Tzu

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