Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Ripped Off

I've been ripped off.  Cheated.  Thoroughly jipped.

Conned.  Hoodwinked.



Mom was looking in the freezer today and she found THIS:

Yes, my friends.  That's what was left of MY birthday cake.  She froze it and forgot it.  I NEVER GOT TO FINISH IT!!!

If you look closely at that pic you'll also see it once said "Happy 10th Bday Buttons."  I'm gonna be 12 years old on September 18, so that cake is two years old!

And just to make things even worse, Mom also found THIS:

Seriously.  Can you believe it?!  That's my birthday cake from last year!  I didn't even get to taste it!  And MOM let it get FREEZER-BURNED!

I barked at Mom to voice my utter disappointment in her.

In Mom's defense, I suppose I should point out that my old allergy pills gave me bad stomach problems around my birthday the last two years.  We didn't know it was the allergy pills doing it, though.  I got pretty sick each year.  (Let's just say Mom had to use a loooot of carpet cleaner...)

One year I had to start a special food trial, too, and couldn't have anything to eat but that special food for 8 weeks.

But that's really no reason for BOTH birthday cakes to sit in the freezer when this little pup could have been eating them.

Mom felt bad.  (As well she should!)  And since I ate most of my kibbles for supper tonight, I got to eat cake.

See?  That's two-year-old, still-partially-frozen birthday cake in my bowl.

I chowed down.  Mom could barely take that picture.  Most of her pics were of the top of my head, snarfing down that cake.  Like this one:

I sense a lot of cake in my future!  And that Mom of mine better still get me a new cake this year...

Oh, by the way...if anyone wants to get me a birthday squeaky, one of these balls would work just fine. Or this hedgehog. Or...well...anything from the first couple of pages of new dog toys...  He he he.  I am gonna be 12 soon, you know...


  1. do you believe how we always get jipped...Why I ask!
    Benny & Lily

  2. BOL - we have never had leftover cake! The boys eat it all!


  3. Oh my goodness!!! Mom better make up for that !!! its too terrible !!! oh my

  4. We were going to show your mummy the claw, but then we read she was protecting your tum, so we'll let it pass this time. She better get you a nommy cake for your next birthday tho! Heehee

  5. Oh no - U momma better get busy bakin some "make up" cake!

  6. Oh. My. Dog.

    Buttons, this is just terrierible! Two cakes in the freezer...one of which you never even got a nibble of?!? This is an outrage! I think you need to put Mom in time-out for that!

    Hmmm, a birthday soon?!? 12 years old?!? I bet your gettin excited!!!

    Your pal,

  7. 12??? You don't look a day over 2!!!
    Looks like you're not aging well, you're keeping your youthful cute looks!

  8. Not fair... just not fair!

  9. Your Mom never cleans the freezer either, does she? Hope that stale cake doesn't make your tummy sick.

  10. Thats just evil

    Stop on by for a visit


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