Friday, August 3, 2012

Friday: Give Me a Beer

Since it's Friday and nearly the weekend, I thought I'd share a little fun from LAST weekend.  (You'll note that this was before Mom whacked my furs with the scissors.)

You know my cool neighbor I talk about sometimes?  Well on Sunday, she gave me a beer!

Looks just like a Corona, doesn't it?  It's a "Cataroma," though.  Or that's what the label says at least.  With a picture of a kitty.  And you know what my beer bottle really, truly is???  A SQUEAKY TOY!!!!

I carried it around for a bit and squeaked and squeaked.

Then Mom and my neighbor and I went to sit outside and enjoy the nice weather we had.  We took my beer and a bully stick, too.  That's very important.

I didn't play or chew very much, though, because there was so much going on that I had to watch.  We like to sit on the bench that's by the swimming pool and the playground area.  I love watching all of the kids and big peoples play.  I could sit and watch for hours.  Seriously.  (We don't have good views like this from our apartment.)

Of course Mom decided to take pictures when every went home.  (Mom's so weird.)  Just imagine peoples here:

I guard the area, of course.  It's important to keep an eye on everyone.  (Here's me with my beer, bully, and our neighbor's leg.)

Mom moved the beer for a "better picture."  Whatever.

Things were going great on Sunday until Rosie stopped by.  She's a big, big Boxer doggie who likes to eat little Shih Tzus.  (Mom said she wouldn't eat me, but I don't believe that.)  I had to hide under the bench where Mom was sitting.

I stayed under the bench even after Rosie left.  I wasn't taking any chances getting eaten.

(On a side note, see how well Mom and our neighbor plan our trips to sit on this bench?  They got water for Mom, Diet Coke for the neighbor, and a bowl of water for me!  And yes, that red thing has poop bags in it...just in case, you know...)

I'm just glad that Rosie didn't steel my squeaky beer.  I left it on the ground when I went to hide under the bench.  The beer is hidden under Mom's bed now...just in case I get the urge to squeak in the middle of the night...


  1. Oh Buttons, you have the best neighbours! But who could resist your puppy charms? (not even us, and we're cats!)

  2. As Rumbles said, you have the best neighbors. Every neighborhood should have a person like her. Or, maybe it's just for you because you are so very cute. M said she not's sure how anyone can get made at you cuz you are so cute.

  3. Buttons, I will meet you for a bring the squeaky beer and I will bring my squeaky hotdog. We will have a blast!

    Your pal,

  4. Sounds like your trip would've been perfect without Rosie! I gave you an award on me blog.

  5. Aaaaaw Rosie would just want to say Howdoo !!!! Love the pics xx

  6. Yeah, so wassup with the mom taking pictures of no peeples? Very weird. But at least she has seen to all of your comforts, most impawtantly.


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