Sunday, February 19, 2012

Review: Skinneeez Tons O Squeakers Bear

I'm on Baby Patches' Testing Team. Baby Patches runs things over at Nip and Bones. When you're a member of her tester team, she sends you stuff to review for her. Testers don't get paid to write stuff, so our reviews are totally honest. And we also get to keep the stuff we review, which is totally cool!

So the other day I got a new TOY to test out for Baby Patches. (You know how I love my squeakies!) Mom was busy messing with the toy, trying to take the tags off it, but she was basically tormenting me by not letting me HAVE THAT TOY.

I took matters into my own hands and just jumped up and grabbed it from her!

Baby Patches sent me the Skinneeez Tons O Squeakers Bear! Here's what it looks like when I'm not slobbering on it and plucking it:

After I got the bear away from Mom, I gave him a good inspection.

OH MY GOODNESS. This bear is Toy Heaven for me. When they say "tons o squeakers" they MEAN IT. He's got 19 squeakers! Seriously...19 squeakers!!! I ain't joking. There are squeakers in his legs, feet, arms, hands, head, and body. Just about every part of him SQUEAKS.

And because Mr. Bear (any toy with that many squeakers deserves a little respect) is stuffing free, he's super duper easy for me to get my little teeth on those squeakers. In my opinion, the easier to squeak, the better!

Mr. Bear also rates high for pluckability. I love to pluck the fur off my toys. Mr. Bear has just enough fur to pluck, but it's also short enough that Mom's not constantly pulling big pieces of fur out of my mouth!

And let's face it, with 19 squeakers, Mr. Bear is totally fun to roll on. And roll I did...

And I rolled some more...

And I even "crazy dog" rolled because I was having so much fun!

After all of my jumping, investigating, plucking, and rolling, I had to take a nap. Even though he's stuffing free, Mr. Bear made a pretty nice pillow.

The only downside to Mr. Bear is that Mom won't play tug with him anymore. We played a little bit (while we were playing fetch with him), but we heard a ripping sound when Mom tugged.

Mom thinks that one of the inside seams holding the squeakies in place must have torn open. We couldn't find any ouchies on Mr. Bear's outside, but he ended up with 2 squeakies in his foot, and one is missing from his leg. So, Mom won't let me play tug with him anymore 'cause she's scared we'll tear open something else.

Overall, though, I think Mr. Bear is an excellent toy. You just can't beat a toy with 19 squeakers that are EASY to squeak! I've been carrying him around with me for a while now.

So if you like a lot of squeakers and easy pluckability, go get yourself a Skinneeez Tons O Squeakers Bear!

My Mr. Bear is actually guarding things under our bed right now. I took him under there to watch out for monsters that could be hiding down there. And also, of course, to enjoy some middle-of-the-night squeaking. (Mom hates when I do that! Mwwaaahahaha!)


  1. Oh Buttons, that do sound like the most pawsome toy efur and totally pawfect fur squeakie cracker crazy dogs like YOU. Well, it do not be beneath me to has a squeakfest efurry now and again. Speaking of crazy, that crazy rolling you did there, young laydee, you furgot to cross your legs, BOL! You know, I pulled the beeber with the nekkid behind (compliments of you-know-who) out of the toy box the udder day and napped with him. I think I woz missing you-know-who coz I had not seen you-know-who blogging much. And wahlah, here you is!

  2. Wow Buttons, if I were a doggie, I'd sure go for that toy. The fact that you have a hard time plucking the furs off - that speaks volumes!! If it's Buttons proof, it can stand up to any doggie.

  3. Skinneeez toys are lots of fun. I love me Skinneeez smousy that I bought from Baby Patches. It's the best.

  4. What an awesome toy!

    Stop on by for a visit

  5. I fink that toy must ave been designed wiv you in mind Buttons. Ow perfect. I ope he stand up to some more testin later.


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