Sunday, May 22, 2011

Free-Range Buttons

Mom and I went to visit Grandma again this weekend! You know what I like best about Grandma's house? I can be "Free-Range Buttons." At least that's what Mom calls it.

See, Grandma has a really big yard and it's got a fence all of the way around it. You know what that means? Freedom! NO leash! I can explore and sniff and check stuff out and even roll in the grass! I get to just enjoy being me and being a doggie.

Here's a pic of me enjoying the space in Grandma's yard and sniffing some pee-mail from my cousin Hoss.

Checking out some more stuff on my way back inside...

I didn't have to wear my leash at all this weekend...until we came home. It was awesome!

But I guess I let the excitement of being Free-Range Buttons get to me this weekend. When we pulled into our parking spot at our house I "accidentally" jumped out of the car before Mom could put my leash on me. Oops!

Never fear, though. I knew exactly what I was supposed to do. I pottied in the front yard and then I ran to the door and waited for Mom to let me inside.

I LOVE being Free-Range Buttons. Don't ever want to lose that privilege!


  1. what fun...we love new sniffs
    Benny & Lily

  2. Looks like you had fun! I'm impressed that you knew just what to do, even though you left the car early. If your mom can trust you while you're off leash, maybe you can be Free-Range Buttons more often!

  3. That looks like fun Buttons. You should come visit me, we got a big fence too and I am always free range Marley

  4. Whew, I'm so happy you knew what to do when you attempted to be free range at home. You must have scared mom half to death.

  5. I have never seen Free Range Buttons before!

  6. I was semi free range Corbin this weekend! Instead of my short leash, we went on a walk with my 30ft leash so I could roam!

  7. Oooh, free-ranging is fun! I get to free-range at my Grandma's house too! Grandma's are obviously the best!
    Cairn cuddles, Oz

  8. I think mebbe your gramma should pack up her house, yard and fence and move closer to you so you can go free-ranging more often. 'Sides, it would gib you more space to stash more toys!

  9. That is a big yard! Looks like fun to be able to run around and be free! Hope you get to go often.

  10. Buttons yoo sure look lyke yoo iz habin a good tyme sniffin eberyfing. I iz nawt allowed owtside, but I wud lyke sniffin too! YaY fur grammas!


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