Monday, May 9, 2011

Strutting My Stuff

On Saturday, I strutted my stuff at the Mutt Strut!

The Mutt Strut is an annual fundraiser for my local humane society. Last year I helped to raise $220 for the shelter. You know how much I raised this year? $225! Isn't that great??? Thanks so much to everyone who helped sponsor me!

Last year my friend Molly walked with me in the Strut. Well, my Aunt Ronda has two doggies and this year it was Gus's turn. He's still just a puppy, so he had a lot of energy for strutting. Aunt Ronda even had to put him in time-out a couple of times when he got a little too excited. Can't blame him, though. There was a LOT of stuff going on!

This was the biggest Mutt Strut my humane society had ever had. They raised over $22,000 for those shelter animals! Isn't that amazing?!

Different vendors had tents set up at the Strut. Mom & Aunt Ronda both won squeaky toys at one tent!

Here's Gus waiting for the Strut to start...

And here's a little time-out...

The opening festivities included the Blessing of the Dogs. It's good to be blessed. The guy in the white robe is the one who did that part.

And then the Strut began!

I strutted like a pro, of course.

Mom kept trying to get a picture of Gus and I walking together, but he was a little busy.

The park had a cool drinking fountain with a bowl on the bottom just for dogs.

I kept close to Mom and Aunt Ronda for the Strut. I get a little anxious when there are other dogs around...and there were a LOT of dogs at the Mutt Strut!

After we finished our walk, the doggies did paw print painting and agility stuff and had contests and did bobbing for Milkbones. Me? I worked on acting pathetic. I was tired and I wanted to go home. The other dogs freaked me out.

And I mean I really, really acted pathetic...

Gus liked watching the contests and stuff, though. I think he had a super time.

Here's me and Gus taking a break. Mom says it took multiple attempts to get a picture of both of us looking at the camera...or at least facing the right direction...

Lots of the dogs who are up for adoption were at the Mutt Strut. They even showed everyone all of the cool tricks they can do. And you know who else is up for adoption at the humane society? PIGGLES!

OK, so Piggles is a piggy, but he could do tricks just like dogs. Mom was a little obsessed with Piggles. He strutted right along with all of us!

Anyway, you remember how I said that Mom and Aunt Ronda both won TOYS from a vendor? Well, when we got in the car to leave after the Mutt Strut, I saw Aunt Ronda put Gus's new toy in a plastic sack on the floor of the car.

You know me and my toy radar. Well, just as soon as everyone was distracted, I made my move.

I acted all innocent when I thought they might be on to me. (That gray blur on the left is Gus.)

And then I settled right back in to playing with Gus's toy.

I got a pink whale toy...but I had fun playing with Gus's toy while I could!


  1. It looks like woo had lots of fun despite being so anxious -

    Thanks fur sharing that pawesome day with us!


  2. I woz holding my bref coz you know those piglets squeak and I woz askeered you woz going to mistake that piglet fur a giant squeakie toy! Thank dogness you swipied the toy wot belong to Gus instead. Whew. Aunt Ronda mite has put you in a time out udderwise.

  3. so much were struttin your stuff alright, BOL
    Benny & Lily

  4. What a great day for dogworld!!! Gus is a wee cutiecute.I am so proud of you,my little Smilemaker,yay for Mutt Srutt xx

  5. Awww Buttons - you were the cutest doggie at Mutt Strutt too, and certainly the greatest actor with your "pathetic look."

  6. ConCATulations - you've done a LOT of good!


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