Thursday, July 4, 2013

Pathology Report

My surgery was a few days ago now, and Mom's still calling me FrankenButt.  I don't think I'm going to live this one down for a while.  Hope my fur grows back fast...

We've been hanging out at home since my surgery.  I've been doing my best to act pathetic.  Mom knows I don't feel so good yet, though, so I don't have to do much to get her attention.

I sometimes still get a little loopy from the pain meds.  I used my water bowl as a pillow yesterday.  (Mom added that Snoopy band aid via Photoshop 'cause she didn't want anyone squeamish to get sick if they saw my FrankenButt incision.)

I ended up napping with my ear in my water bowl at one point, too.  Oops.

The vet called Mom yesterday with the pathology report.  The mass in my mouth was sent off, and so was the lump from my rump.  We needed to be sure neither was anything icky.  We sort of got bad news, though.  The mass from my mouth was o.k., but the lump on my hiney was actually a cancerous tumor.

The vet said that it was a "grade 3" tumor, which is the worst. Invasive, aggressive.  The pathology report, though, just told my vet to keep an eye on it and not treat it.  That's not what they usually do with grade 3, so the vet is going to call the lab to talk about that.  We think maybe it was because the tumor was in a weird spot for the type of tumor is was, and we think it was encapsulated.  If that's the case, we might be o.k.

I go back to the vet on July 11 to have my stitches taken out, and the vet is going to check me over for any other possible tumors.  Also going to check my lymph nodes because grade 3 usually means the lymph nodes are affected, too.

Please think good thoughts and say some prayers for me.  I'm gonna be hiding in my princess tent...


  1. We are DEFINITELY thinking good thoughts and saying some purrayers for our dear Buttons. Sleeping in a bowl is not recommended (or getting wet ears) unless it's kibble. Wake, eat, sleep some more, all in one place! Can't get better service!
    Water is just not the same thing.

  2. Oh no!!! We are sending hugs and all good vibes your way
    Benny & Lily

  3. Sending healing purrz and positive energy. #pawcircle

  4. Oh my pal....I waz not reedin blogs much lass week an I miss all your drama...I am finkin super good forts for you an mom and I send healin wuzzes for your exclusiff use.....wishin you da best and keeps paws crossed fore good news soon....*hugs*

  5. My sisfur n I will be keeping owr paws crossed fur you and purrin hard, Buttons.

  6. Awww sweetie, it makes us so sad that you have to go through this cuz you are so sweet and we loves you and your mom. I'm purring for you like crazy and M has you and your mom in her prayers. M also sends you BIG HUGS.

  7. Prayers and hugs and call or text me,

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