Monday, June 10, 2013

Warning Sign

Mom got a big envelope in the mail. The stamp didn't look like a USA had the Queen on it!  And that "Air Mail" sticker was quite a clue, too.  Turns out that this surprise mail came from our friend Kathleen who lives all of the way over in Scotland! 

Kathleen sent us a "Warning" sign to hang from our doorknob to warn our neighbors. Mom laughed and laughed and laughed when she read the sign.  It says:
Do Not Open This Door
Dangerous Shih Tzu Inside
Has Killed Squeaky Toy

Mom put it on our door right away.

Our door is properly adorned now.

Kathleen said the sign was "So Buttons," and Mom and I have to agree!  I've"taken care of" quite a few squeakies!

Mom wanted me to pose with our new sign, but I was busy taking a nap. I didn't cooperate.

This is my "Seriously, Mom...leave me alone!" face:

Thanks so much, Kathleen!  We love our new door sign (even if I was grouchy and refused to pose with it...)


  1. Yyayaya so glad it arrived xxx

  2. Ha ha - Oh Buttons, you really did it this time. M is having laughing fits over this post. It's so you! Kathaleen really knows you well doesn't she. We just loves you Buttons. Mario smooches!

  3. Oh my gorsh, dats a totally perfect sign for U!!! Lub it!

  4. Oh, Buttons! What a great sign! Mommy is laughing, and that's a good thing. Someone knows Buttons very well!
    Buttons: Where all Squeeky Toys go to their death.

  5. good of Aunty Kafleen to be sending you dat present my pal.....i expect the introoders be paying close tenshuns to it

  6. Aunty Kathleen sure has your number! MOL What a pawsome sign and sooooo you.


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