Sunday, May 27, 2012

Stupid Baths

The other day Mom made a pathetic attempt to distract me from my medicated bath.  She put squeaky rubber duckies in the tub.  It did not work.

Seriously.  I hate baths.  Ducks don't help things like this.

And then she lined them up to amuse herself while I was sitting there for a bazillion hours with that stupid medicated shampoo on my furs.  NOT FUNNY.

I got sick of that, too, and attempted to make a break for it.

I actually managed to make it out of the tub, but Mom thwarted my escape attempt with the stupid baby gate.

Not cool.

And then she just taunted me from the outside of the bathroom by taking pictures.

Seriously not cool.

When Mom was done taking pictures, she decided that the shampoo had been on my furs long enough.  So, she stuck me back in the tub with those duckies and she washed off the medicated shampoo.

Stupid baths...


  1. Oh poor Bubbles. That's cruelty to puppies. You'd better come live with us. I never get baths. oh, wait a mibute - I just happeened to remember M talking about giving their doggie a bath one time too. On second thought, while I'd love having you live with me, I can't promise that you'd never have a bath. Hope that medicated shampoo is helping solve your problem sweetie.

  2. who ever invented baths any how?
    Benny & Lily

  3. Ewwwwww. Do you not has a nice fragrant pond by where you live? A nice green slimy pond would work fine fur medicinal purposes.

  4. You have that pathetic look down! Love the ic of you behind the ducks.

  5. I don't know which is cuter - you or the duckies! You do have that pathetic look down to a fine art. I don't know how your humans can look at that face and torture you with baths.


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