Friday, April 20, 2012

Getting Stuck

This story actually happened a month or two ago, but since it's been forever since I've told you a good story about my antics -- and let's face it, it's been forever since Mom's even let me post -- I thought I'd share.

Mom and I were over visiting my favorite neighbor at her house. I like to investigate everything when we're over there. I walk behind her chairs, sneak under her table, shimmy under her bed, and I've even been known to climb onto the first shelf of her bookcases.

My cool neighbor has a chair like this:

That's not a picture of HER chair, of course. That's just a chair I found on the internet to illustrate the story. Pretend that there are doggie toys all over around that chair, though, and it'll look a lot more like my neighbor's house.

Anyway, I was investigating everything, so of course that means I was investigating the chair, too. I shimmied myself between the bottom two rungs in the front of the chair so that I could sniff around underneath it. There was stuff I HAD to check out under there.

And that's when I realized I'd made a fatal error.

I could not get back out from under the chair. Each time I tried to go back between those rungs, the chair would move and it would start to smoosh me. I couldn't move.

I was stuck. Stuck under a chair.

Did Mom have pity on me? Well, yes and no. She laughed for a bit at my predicament. (My neighbor laughed, too, of course.) After laughing at me, did Mom help? NO...instead, she had the audacity to take a picture.

Then she FINALLY lifted up the chair (yes, she had to pick the whole thing up in the air) and I was able to escape my jail cell.

I haven't shimmied under that chair since.


  1. ha ha - we're laughing hysterically Buttons, so sorry you were trapped, but it is funny. Thanks for sharing your story with us.

  2. OMD, you could has been DEADED by the chair and your mom LAFFED? (The neybor can laff coz she gibs you lots of squeakies.) My gramma mite mebbe need to has some surgery - we dussn't know fur sure yet. But if'n so, me and mom has to go to St. Louis to help her. If'n that happens, you pack your bags and we swing by to repossess you,'k. But I cannot promise that my mom won't laff at you when you be finding youself in a pawdicament.

  3. Oh dear. You poor *giggle* thing *giggle*. I'm not laughing at you. Really! *stifling laughter* And I thought twitjail was bad. *softpaw* *rolling on the floor laughing hysterically*

  4. Humans! They clearly do not understand the gravity of situations like this! Once I got stuck behind the sofa and they laughed at ME!

    I think you deserve some squeak toys as compensations.

  5. Oh Buttons, they haz thrown you in jails just for lookin about? Norty peeple. I ope you got out safe and sound.


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