Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Stuffing Collection

Last night, Mom started taking up a collection as she walked around the house. "What was she collecting?" you may ask. Here you go:

Yep. That's stuffing from stuffies. She found little pieces all, all, all over the place and decided to put the little pieces into a pile. I have NO idea where all those pieces came from, but I had to check out the collection, of course.

And then I went and found a squeaky toy and played with it while sitting in the stuffy pile.

Mom had the nerve to suggest that I was responsible for the stuffy mess. She said that I was the one who plucked holes in the stuffies...de-stuffed them...and then left the little pieces all over. The nerve of her!

I decided that I was NOT going to sit in that stuffy pile and be blamed for creating the mess. I took my squeaky and walked away.

This is the face of innocence, I tell you.

If you don't believe me, just send me more stuffies and I'll prove it to you. He he he...


  1. ha ha - Now Buttons, you are the most innocent looking puppy I've ever seen. There is just no way you would have ripped all that stuffing out. I think there is a neighbor doggy that comes in to play while your mommy is at work - that's the guilty doggy.

  2. Just tell her you wanted to make a pillow
    Benny & Lily

  3. That looks like a classic set up...there must be an evil squirrel with a key to your house! Free Buttons!! :)

  4. They cant prove it my pal and now we seen you sittin in the pile they will never be able to claims DNA evidence cos the chain of custody been broken. You are in da clear

  5. Oh Buttons, how could she blame you for that? Of course YOU didn't scatter those stuffing pieces. You were just playing, and if one happened to slip out, it is not your fault...

  6. You are not guilty because of your innocence!


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