Tuesday, July 5, 2011

My Pacifier

I was snoring away in bed the other day, as only I can snore. And if you've ever met me, then you know I'm a pretty good snorer. Even the vet thinks my snorty noises are quite impressive. But that's a whole other blog post...

So anyway, I was snoring away when Mom rudely woke me up. I looked up at her all sleepy, and she started taking pictures of me. Rude! She was snapping away with the camera because of my new pacifier. See it?

Yep. That's a bully stick. I chew it all up and cram the whole thing in my mouth. Or as much of it as I can get in there. And that's how I sleep...

...until Mom wakes me up to take pictures, that is. Then Mom took her rudeness to an entirely new level. She pulled the bully stick out of my mouth!

She thinks the chewed up, slobbery part is gross. And she doesn't seem to think I should be sleeping with all of that bully stick in my mouth. She's afraid I'm gonna choke or something silly like that.

But you know what I did? As soon as she pulled it out, I put it right back in!

I've been doing this a lot. It's fun to snooze with a bully stick pacifier. Tonight I even got MORE of it in there!

Mom distracted me with a toy puppy, though, and got me to give up the pacifier for a while...

Now I gotta go find it again. It's bed time, you know!


  1. Oh, thats funny Buttons,
    HOw can she think that the one end is yucky!! You have it just the way you likes it huh??


  2. That is so funny Buttons!! I am always waiting for your next post it always gives me big smiles !!! @soozi13

  3. Couldn't have a better pacifier than a bully stick, right??

  4. Wow, its good to keep a snack handy iffen you wake up hungry my chum. Good thinkin tere....

  5. Bull sticks are da bestest! You rook sooooo happy wif U bully pacifier!!

  6. That end wouldn't be yucky if she left if in your moufs!! It is impressive though, your're kinda like a hamster storing food!

  7. It took a lot of werk to get that bully stick slimed up just rite. Yup, your mom be rood and I think you need to be repossessed. And if'n you woz repossessed we could has snoring in stereo coz we has been watching Max the beagle while his pawrents be cavorting around somewheres and he will gibs you a run fur your bully stick in the snoring department. But he goes back home tomorrow.

  8. I finks ur Mom is rude for da flashy box pikshurs when ur sleepin but not fur takin dat bully sticks out of ur mouth. U shuld knows better den to hab dat whole fing crammed in der like dat!

    Silly Buttons!


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