Sunday, May 26, 2013

Mutt Strut Recap!

Oh, how embarrassing...I went to the Mutt Strut for my local humane society almost a month ago and forgot to post my recap!  So sorry, my friends.

The Mutt Strut took place way back on May 4. The weather people were saying, "rain, rain, rain," but we really lucked out.  The rain actually held off until the events were almost completely over.  We had a great turn-out and it was a great morning!

Each year I've raised money for the Mutt Strut.. After all, it's one of the ways that the local shelter gets money to help take care of all of those doggies, kitties, gerbils, etc.  This year I actually managed to raise a whopping total of $670!  Mom and I were SO VERY thankful that all of our friends helped out so much.  Would you believe that I was only $5 short of being the top fundraiser at the entire event?!  Way to go, friends!!!

Since we had a nice turn-out that day, the overall event raised around $28,000 for the shelter.  YEAH!

There was a LOT of stuff going on at the Mutt Strut. We had 15 different booths for sponsors, vendors, and humane society into.  There were activities like the doggie obstacle course, bobbing for Milkbones, the doggie fortune teller, and Paw Print Painting.

Mom let me off the hook for lots of the activities 'cause my allergies were bad and I wasn't feeling so good.  We did do the Paw Print Painting, though.

Here's Benjamin, sitting behind his mom who was helping with the Paw Print Painting.

His tail was orange because he went to the doggie body painting station. It was SO funny, Benjamin just wagging and wagging that orange tail!

And here's my Paw Print Painting masterpiece:

Mom took some pictures of the tents and stuff before lots of people arrived.

I spent most of the Strut in my doggie stroller. Since I wasn't feel well, I didn't want to walk much.  And, the stroller kept me up off the ground, so I wasn't as accessible to some of the overly-friendly dogs.

My cool neighbor went with Mom and I, and she helped push me around in my stroller. Mom talked to lots of different vets about my liver issues.

The Mutt Strut had a few demonstrations, too.  There was a Police K-9 Dog Demonstration in the fenced-in area.  A Giant Schnauzer named Solo is a local K-9 Policeman, and he sniffed out some drugs that were hidden in one of those blue boxes.  He's a SMART sniffer!

Lots of people watched the demonstration.

Here's Solo!

I got out of my stroller for a bit while Mom and my neighbor watched the demonstrations.  That gave me the opportunity to do some woogling.

I was a little crazy.  I'll admit it.  And Mom knew I was probably rolling in pee-pee, but she let me have fun 'cause she knew I hadn't been feeling well.  Gotta love that!

Most of the shelter dogs got to come to the Mutt Strut, too.  They were wearing vests that said "Adopt Me!"  So many sweet pups!  All of the shelter dogs even participated in the Shelter Dog Show.  They all walked the catwalk and showed everyone just how cool they are.

I headed back to my stroller during the agility dog demonstrations.  I was a pooped puppy.

The Mutt Strut finished up with several different contests -- best kiss, biggest paw, smallest paw, best trick.  The most popular contest was the peanut butter licking contest!  Just look at all of those pups going after the peanut butter...

I'm not a fan of peanut butter, so I just hung out with my neighbor.

What a great Mutt Strut we had this year!


  1. OH BUTTONS! I woulda gabe U $6 more! But, da most important fing, is U got big bucks for udder animals & dat makes U supa cool! Gawd Bless U Buttons - U B so amazin! U momma purdy cool too!

  2. YAY sweetie - so glad you and mom were able to participate. You are adorable in that stroller. Great job on raising money for the anipals too.

  3. Wot a pawsome day my pal....I am wiv you, the pee-nut butters is overrated stuff


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